New Hunt Regulations Now Available

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Hunters, the wait is over. The newly printed Arizona Hunting Regulations are on their way to more than 300 sporting goods stores, gun shops and license dealers around the state, where they will be available as soon as Monday, May 16. Regulations are also available online at

Applicants for the fall hunt draw who apply early can take advantage of the correction period. Those who submit an application by May 27 will receive up to three calls from the department in a 24-hour period if an error is found on the application. If the applicant is reached by phone, the department will help fix the error to ensure a completed application. All applications for the fall big game draw are due by 7 p.m. (MST) June 14, 2005, so the correction service rewards early applicants.

"We encourage hunters to get their applications in early to take advantage of the correction period," says Bob Miles, information branch chief for the Arizona Game and Fish Department. "Hunters should also be aware that the online application process has been suspended, and a manual system with paper application forms is the only way to apply for this year's fall draw."

To apply, people need to fill out a paper application form, include all applicable license, permit-tag and application fees, and mail or deliver the form and fees so they are received by any Game and Fish Department office by the deadline. The department must have the applications in hand by the deadline; postmarks don't count. Applicants are advised not to use old application forms from previous years.

"We also want to remind all hunters that this year for the first time, they will either need to have already purchased their license, or to purchase their license as they apply for the draw," says Miles. In past years, people could request that a license be issued only if they were drawn.