New Hampshire Youth Deer Hunt Set for October 22-23, 2011

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New Hampshire’s youth deer weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 22-23, 2011, is the perfect time to take a youngster hunting. This special weekend gives young people age 15 and younger the opportunity to go deer hunting with an adult mentor, without the pressure of competing with thousands of adult hunters.

Accompanying adults must be licensed hunters and are not allowed to carry a firearm; the idea is to concentrate your time and attention on coaching your young companion.

Prospects for this year’s youth season are good, according to Kent Gustafson, Deer Project Leader for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. New Hampshire’s deer population is healthy and will provide excellent opportunities and memorable experiences. In 2010, young hunters took 392 deer during the youth weekend, up 8% from the previous year.

“The weekend is a chance to introduce young people to deer hunting, under the careful guidance of an experienced adult,” said Gustafson. “You can build bonds for a lifetime while tracking a whitetail through the autumn woods or deciphering the sounds of the forest from a tree stand. We hope hunters will spend the weekend with their sons and daughters, grandchildren or young friends, helping them learn what hunting is all about."

Gustafson notes that hunting can also help youngsters learn about the environment, conservation, tradition and ethics, and it can build a deep and abiding appreciation for the wildlife and wild places that many of our citizens and visitors cherish. 

New Hampshire has offered a special youth deer hunt since 1999. Nonresident youth may participate in New Hampshire’s youth deer weekend only if their state of residence allows New Hampshire youth to participate in its youth deer hunt.

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  I am late reading this


I am late reading this article but I sure hope as many youth as possible were involved with the earlier hunt... and were successful in their efforts to harvest a deer.  With it being a full week after the hunt I tried to find any information on the internet as to the harvest numbers or even an interview with a young hunter about their great adventure and the memory that was created... but unfortunately I could not find anything.

Youth hunt programs are great.  My Dad took me to youth hunts whenever possible.  I remember a youth pheasant and being very successful.  Great times.  Took my son for a youth deer hunt and he harvested a nice one.  Another great memory.

I look forward to reading the results of New Hampshire's youth hunt and any first hand interviews with the kids.


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I would say good luck t all

I would say good luck t all the young hunters out there who were going to participate during the youth hunt but that was last weekend. I hope the weekend went well for all the kids and the success rates were higher than the year before. The youth hunts are fun and a good way to get the kids out there to enjoy the outdoors and our great sport of hunting. Like the article said it's a great time to teach the kids about the enviroment and consevation and of coarse how to handle and shoot a deer. I remember when I was kid I did one of these youth hunts with my dad and had the time of my life. It was a great chance to make life long memorise. I will be looking for a fallow up article to see how it went.