New Hampshire Offers Online Hunter Education

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There's a whole new way to take Hunter Education in New Hampshire -- with a computer! The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is now offering a basic Hunter Education course online, for those who simply prefer learning at their own pace. The course entails online study and testing (there is a $15 fee), plus a written exam and a mandatory field day. Participants must be at least 15 years old to take the online course.

"New Hampshire has joined many other states in offering an online Hunter Education course, in addition to our traditional classroom courses," said Hunter Education Coordinator Pete Davison. "It covers all the important lessons of Hunter Education; firearm safety, hunter responsibility and ethical hunting practices. This is no video game, it's the real deal."

The online course replaces the former "home study" option for Hunter Education. It offers an alternative to traditional classroom Hunter Ed courses taught by trained volunteer instructors, which are still offered across the state (listed at

The online course has two parts; both are required:

  • 1. First, complete the study portion online at your own pace, in the comfort of your home, town library, or computer lab. The course may be completed by studying a few hours a day over a couple of weeks, or in a few days of more intensive study. When you are ready, take the online exam. There is a fee of $15.
  • 2. After passing the online exam, you must register to attend a Field Day by calling Lisa Collins at the Hunter Education Office at 603-271-3214 (you cannot register for the field day before passing the online exam, and if you fail to attend your scheduled Field Day, you automatically fail the course). The field day includes both a written exam and field test. You'll get a review of N.H. hunting laws and regulations from a Conservation Officer, take part in a firearms handling session, map and compass lessons and a live-fire activity, followed by the field exam. After successful completion of the tests, you will be a certified hunter, ready to buy a license and enjoy a great hunting season.

To get started, visit today to access study materials and complete the online part of the course.

By state law, anyone planning to buy a hunting license in N.H. must complete a Fish and Game hunter education course (or show proof of a previously issued license). "A word of caution: Don't wait until hunting season to try and get certified," says Davison. "There are an ample number of Field Days on the schedule, but class sizes are limited to maximize the learning experience and student success."

Find out more about Hunter Education in New Hampshire at

Hunter education is made possible by the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act. Excise taxes are collected from the sales of firearms, ammunition and archery equipment. These funds are distributed to state agencies to conduct research, manage wildlife populations, protect habitat and conduct hunter education programs.