New Hampshire Moose Hunt Opening Weekend Brings 27% Success

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More than a quarter of New Hampshire’s moose hunters were successful during the first two days of the season, achieving a 27% success rate on the opening weekend of the hunt. On Saturday and Sunday (October 15 and 16), a total of 111 moose were taken by moose hunters statewide – 75 bulls and 36 cows. The success rate was down from 37% during opening weekend in 2010.

“Moose hunters had it tough this weekend, with very strong winds and rain in most parts of the state,” said Kristine Rines, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s moose biologist. “Those conditions are much more difficult, because the moose are hunkered down, less mobile and less visible.” Last year’s moose hunt featured perfect weather; the blustery weather is expected to continue, according to Rines, so “we probably won’t match last year” for overall success rate.

The largest moose checked in during opening weekend of the New Hampshire moose hunt was a 900-pound bull (dressed weight), taken by Robert Houle of Nashua. The estimated live weight of the bull moose is 1,314 pounds.

Fish and Game manages New Hampshire’s moose population in accordance with density goals defined in its 2006-2015 moose management plan. This plan seeks to meet regional moose population goals by balancing and incorporating social, economic, public safety and ecological factors, using the best available science.

New Hampshire’s nine-day moose hunt continues through Sunday, October 23, 2011. This year, nearly 14,000 people entered the moose hunt lottery for a chance to win one of the 395 permits drawn for the New Hampshire moose hunt.

For more about moose hunting in New Hampshire, including a list of check stations, visit

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is the guardian of the state's fish, wildlife and marine resources and their habitats.


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  Go see the updated article


Go see the updated article as the state's hunters enjoyed a 52% success rate - outstanding numbers.  Excellent job to the state for great managment of the species that allowed such a great harvest rate.  And hopefully not too good of a success rate that requires less tags allowed in 2012.  Go read Swamp Donkey's story and photos on his success there.



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Congrats to the hunters. just

Congrats to the hunters. just over a quater of the hunters getting their moose in the first two days is pretty impressive. I'll have to search the web and see if I can find some pictures of theses animals. I would so love to hunt moose one day. Hopefully the rest of the hunters will be able to fill their tags with the remainder of the season. Good luck to the rest of the tag holders.

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Check out my post Numb.  I

Check out my post Numb.  I posted a link to the local article about the 77 year old.  Shows his moose.  Lots of other good photos if you search.  Maine was also recently open, some good ones there too.

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Yep, I have seen some

Yep, I have seen some nice Moose that came out of New Hampshire this opening weekend.  One of the regulars on my local northeast forum I am one got a bull that people had been trying to get for years.  He said that while he was int he woods using a local guy to pull out his moose, a 77 year old gentleman came looking for help also.  He had shot a big one.

I guess they ended up being at the weigh station together, and the old man's went 930 pounds.  Not sure if it's the same guy as mentioned in this article, but that's one heck of a moose.

One of these years I will put in for the Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine moose seasons.  Hard to pass up an opportunity like that.  My cousin has her moose hunt in about another 2 weeks or so up in Maine.  She's seen some nice ones, so we're hoping she'll get one.

Edit:  Just searched and found an article ont he guy.  Looks like it is him.  Very nice!!!!