New Hampshire Hunter Survey Results Available

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Results are in from a New Hampshire Fish and Game Department 2007 survey of New Hampshire hunters. The survey was sent to approximately 20,000 New Hampshire hunting license holders last November; a total of 2,062 responses were received by the Department. The complete survey results are available on the Fish and Game website

Among other things, the survey revealed that more than 70% of deer hunters support or strongly support New Hampshire's deer season timing and dates. It indicates that 23% of hunters do the majority of their hunting on public land, while 39% do the majority of their hunting on private land. Only 11% of hunters indicated that it was difficult or very difficult to gain access to huntable lands. Of those New Hampshire hunters who also deer hunt out of state, Maine was the most popular destination, followed by Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York. Finally, 45% of respondents indicated they had applied to the New Hampshire moose lottery in the past 5 years.

"These results help Fish and Game understand hunters' preferences and viewpoints on regulations and related issues. We can then take these preferences into account when making proposals based on the best science we have available," said Wildlife Program Supervisor Mark Ellingwood. He noted that the public will have opportunities to comment on specific season-setting proposals which will be posted on the Fish and Game website by March 7, 2008.

The new hunter survey results are presented on the basis of statewide analysis, as well as a species-specific analysis. A total of 70 questions were presented to all respondents. Answers from hunters of specific species were further summarized for questions dealing with those species. For example, a question on pheasant hunting is presented as answered by all respondents, and also as answered by pheasant hunters only.

Ellingwood said that survey results will help decision-makers understand the concerns, desires and preferences of New Hampshire hunters and help guide Fish and Game's management efforts.

According to the most recent figures from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 60,000 people hunted in New Hampshire in 2006, generating more than $80 million of hunting-related expenditures in the state.