New Hampshire Hunter Ed Class List Available Now

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Don't miss opening day of your favorite hunting season because you didn't get the Hunter Education certification class you needed. Now is the time to register online for Hunter and Bowhunter Education classes so you can get your license and head for the woods!

New hunters must take a hunter education course before they can purchase their first hunting license in N.H. (those age 16 and older need a license to hunt). To meet this requirement, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department offers Hunter and Bowhunter Education classes around the state, as well as Trapper Education. Courses are available from now through October, but fill up quickly in the early spring and fall months, so sign up soon!

Registering for a Hunter Education class is now easier than ever with the new online registration process that Fish and Game has rolled out this year. With this new system, you can go online anytime to sign up for a course. Just visit and follow the links. You'll be able to search for hunter or bowhunter education classes by town, zip code or date. With a few clicks, you can see all the details; times and dates, locations, class and instructor information in files you can download and print. You can also get there by going to the Fish and Game website and typing "Hunter Ed" into the search box.

"We couldn't be happier to offer online registration for our Hunter and Bowhunter Education Certification classes, as well as Online Hunter Education Course Field Days," said Pete Davison, Fish and Game Hunter Education Coordinator. "We've greatly improved access and simplified the process for hunters who need certification."

To register for a class, simply type in your information, creating your personal account. Easy-to-follow directions are listed for every location. Have questions? Email your instructor. Need parental approval? Print out the permission form and bring it signed to the first day's class.

If you don't have time for a traditional class, you can sign up to take the online Hunter Education Course (must be age 15 or older). Complete each chapter at your own speed, in the comfort of your own home, office, public library or school computer lab. Then take the online exam ($15 charge) and register for a Hunter Education Field Day (required for certification). For more information or to sign up for the online Hunter Ed course, visit

Traditional Hunter Education courses average about 16 hours of classroom instruction, with hands-on demonstrations, small-group activities and a live-fire experience on a shooting range. A Bowhunter Education course typically runs for 8 – 10 hours, both in and out of the classroom. Courses are taught by trained, certified volunteer instructors according to national guidelines and state standards. Classes cover safe handling and identification of firearms, bows and arrows; wildlife identification and management; shot placement; hunter ethics and responsibility; outdoor safety and survival; and hunting rules and regulations. Each class concludes with a written test, and firearm courses include a practical field exam. Students must successfully pass these tests to receive a hunter or bowhunter certification card.

Hunter education instruction and course materials are provided free of charge; instructors may charge up to $5 per student to cover the use of facilities. To receive a certificate of completion in basic Hunter Education or Bowhunter Education, participants must be at least 12 years old by the end of the course.

Trapper Education classes are also offered throughout the year. To find a class, visit

In 2009, 150 classes for basic Hunter, Bowhunter and Trapper education were held around the state, taught by more than 550 trained volunteer instructors. An additional 20 field days were provided for online Hunter Ed course participants. Each year, more than 4,400 people are certified in hunter, bowhunter and trapper education in New Hampshire. Classes are already underway for 2010.

For more information on Hunter Education in New Hampshire, or to find a class if you do not have computer access, call N.H. Fish and Game's Hunter Education Program at 603-271-3214.

Hunter Education in New Hampshire is funded by federal Wildlife Restoration Funds, a user-pay, user-benefit program.