New Brunswick Non-resident Bear Hunt Apps Accepted Jan 4th

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Black bear

Bag limit: One per year. Your licence is valid during all three seasons. Females accompanied by a cub are protected during spring season.

See Hunt Trap book for more information on: season, bag limit, etc.

Young hunters

  • * Must be 16 years old.
  • * Must show proof of a Firearm Safety / Hunter Education course and two years hunting experience.
  • * Must be accompanied while hunting by an adult who has a valid deer or bear licence, with two years experience.
  • * Must purchase their bear licence from a Natural Resources office, Service New Brunswick or a licensed outfitter.

(Proof of experience may be copies of previous hunting licences or the hunter may sign a certificate declaring he or she has held a hunting or fur harvester's licence.)


  • * Licences are valid for all open Wildlife Management Zones.
  • * You can get a licence from:
  • * Our District offices
  • * Some Service NB centres


  • * You must hunt with a licensed New Brunswick guide.
  • * Licences are valid only for one Wildlife Management Zone.
  • * You can get a licence:
  • *From your outfitter or guide.
  • Or:
  • * Apply to our annual computer draw (Jan. 4 - Feb. 28, 2010).
  • *Draw results available March 8 to March 6, 2010.
  • * When outside of the zone indicated on your licence, all firearms must be unloaded and properly stored.
  • * Fact Sheet


  • * You must immediately attach tag to bear’s right foreleg.
  • * Within 72 hours of killing the bear, you must present the entire carcass, including the hide, for registration and tagging at the first open bear registration station. Contact your local Natural Resources office for location.
  • * The hunter who harvested the bear must accompany the carcass to registration.
  • * A registration agent will attach a plastic lock-seal tag to the hide and give you two copies of the registration permit.

Your licence is invalid for hunting once the tag has been removed.

Leaving Canada

Bear or bear parts leaving Canada may require a CITIES export permit. (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) Contact one of our offices for more information.