New Brunswick Changes Moose Lottery System

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Changes to the annual Moose License Draw system were announced by Natural Resources Minister Donald Arseneault. The changes are designed to give long-time applicants a greater chance of getting drawn for a license to hunt during New Brunswick's popular three day moose season.

"The computerized draw will now have three groups of applicants, including the newly created Group A which will consist of hunters who have not been drawn for a moose license during the past 12 years," the minister said. "Group B will consist of hunters who have been unsuccessful in the draw between five and 11 times, while Group C will consist of new hunters, infrequent applicants and hunters who have been drawn for a license at least once in the last five years."

The long time applicants (Group A) should have about a one in six chance of getting a license. Group B should have about a one in 22 chance of getting drawn, and Group C should have about a one in 42 chance of getting drawn.

"We asked the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation, who represent hunters, for their input into changes for the Moose Draw," Arseneault said. "This fulfills a Charter For Change commitment to work with hunting organizations to reform the way moose licenses are granted to ensure fairness for all New Brunswick hunters."

The new system ensures that long time applicants, who have never received a license, will have a better opportunity to go moose hunting this fall in New Brunswick. The moose license application period runs from May 14 until June 8, and the results of the draw will be available on July 9. The 2007 New Brunswick moose hunt is scheduled for September 27, 28 and 29, 2007.