New Brunswick Hunting News

New Brunswick New 'Target Poaching' Trailer to Promote Wildlife Conservation

A new trailer to be used by the Department of Natural Resources to promote wildlife conservation and enforcement will be on display throughout the Kiwanis Home and Lifestyle Show, being held April 20-22 in Sussex.

New Brunswick New Act Will Protect Species at Risk

A new Species at Risk Act intended to improve the approach to conserving species in danger of disappearing from New Brunswick was introduced today in the legislative assembly.

New Brunswick Crown Reserve Draw Results Now Available

John Eatman of Moncton was the first name drawn in the 2012 Crown Reserve angling draw. Eatman and his party were successfully drawn for the Elbow Crown Reserve stretch on the Northwest Miramichi River.

“I congratulate each of the New Brunswick residents who were drawn to fish on one of these 20 prime stretches on the Miramichi, Restigouche and Patapedia river systems,” said Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup. “These regular Crown reserve stretches are some of the best waters anywhere to fly-fish for trout and Atlantic salmon.”

Government Advised Persons to Dispose of Captive White-tailed Deer in an Acceptable Manner

Conservation officers with the Department of Natural Resources have informed individuals that they must dispose of captive white-tailed deer in an acceptable manner. Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup made the announcement today.

New Brunswick: Tips for Homeowners to Avoid Black Bear Encounters

The fall is when black bears are most active in New Brunswick as they forage for food to prepare for the winter ahead. Consequently, bears are more commonly seen during daylight hours this time of year.

The Department of Natural Resources wishes to advise homeowners and campers how to prepare themselves should they encounter a black bear.

Although black bear attacks are extremely rare, people need to realize that bears are wild animals that demand respect.

New Brunswick Moose Draw Results Available

The results of the 2011 moose licence draw are now available.

Hunters who entered the draw may find out if they were successful either by calling 1-800-459-3729 on a touchtone telephone or by checking online.

Callers will be asked to enter their New Brunswick Medicare number using the telephone keypad. Those checking online must enter their New Brunswick Medicare number into the required field on the website. Applicants will then be informed if they were successful in the draw.

New Brunswick Men Guilty in Illegal Moose Operation

Two men from Murray Settlement, near Rogersville, have pleaded guilty to charges under the Fish and Wildlife Act in connection with an organized illegal moose meat operation in eastern New Brunswick.

Conrad Babineau, 38, pleaded guilty to three counts of offering wildlife (moose) for sale and two counts of illegal possession of moose meat. He was sentenced to seven days in jail and fined $9,600.

New Brunswick Increases Moose Permits

A double-barrel of good news for moose hunters was announced Nby Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup – better odds for long-time unsuccessful applicants and a major increase in licences for this fall's hunt.

"To say New Brunswickers are passionate about moose hunting is an understatement,'' said Northrup. "Last year, we had almost 63,000 residents apply for just over 3,500 licences, so our government is pleased to take these actions to improve the odds for long-suffering applicants and increase the overall number of licences by more than 20 per cent.''

New Brunswick Busts Illegal Moose Operation

An investigation by conservation officers with the Department of Natural Resources, coined Operation WAK, has resulted in the seizure of 700 kilograms (1,540 pounds) of moose meat, moose parts, cash and various butcher shop equipment.

"Conservation officers from around the province worked on this file, and they deserve a great deal of credit for their professionalism and commitment," said Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup.

New Brunswick Man Fined and Sentenced for Poaching

Ronald Gauvin, 57, of Allardville was fined $15,200 and sentenced to serve 42 days in jail on charges related to the Fish and Wildlife Act. He was sentenced on Thursday, Aug. 19, by Provincial Court Judge Ronald Leblanc.

Gauvin was charged with two counts of hunting moose out of season, two counts of selling moose meat, one count of possessing an illegal deer and one count of possessing an illegal bear.