New Mexico Hunting News

New Mexico Acquires 188 Acres Along Rio Grande
The New Mexico Game Commission has purchased 188 acres of property along the Rio Grande south of Belen in an ongoing effort to protect and improve the state's riparian zones.
New Mexico Hunters Ed Program Certifies 1402
New Mexico's Hunter Education Program certified 1,402 students in March as young hunters scrambled to become eligible for the April 8 application deadline for 2009-2010 big-game hunting licenses and permits.
New Mexico Big Game Booklet Has Information Errors
The Department of Game and Fish is advising all hunters who have applied or plan to apply for 2009-1010 elk licenses to review their applications and consider revising them because of errors in the 2009-2010 Big-Game & Trapper Rules & Information booklet.
New Mexico Exchanges Antelope for Bighorn Rams
The first half of an international wildlife exchange between Mexico and the state of New Mexico moved 125 pronghorn antelope to Coahuila during the first week of March.
New Mexico DGF Charges Man With Poaching 12 Deer
A Fort Sumner man was jailed and charged with 16 counts of wildlife-related crimes in connection with the alleged poaching of 12 deer.
Outfitter Sentenced in New Mexico for Illegal Activities
Kirt Darner, a former outfitter and owner of a private northwestern New Mexico elk hunting park, was sentenced to $10,000 in fines and 4,500 hours of community service Monday for illegally transporting elk and receiving stolen bighorn sheep heads.
New Mexico Makes Big Changes for 2009-10 Seasons
New Mexico big-game hunters will see significant rule changes for the 2009-2010 seasons that affect the way hunters apply and pay for licenses and permits.
Western Sportsmen Wish to See Game Habitat Protected
Western sportsmen want to see fish and game habitat protected as energy extraction continues. Most hunters and anglers believe unchecked drilling will impact wildlife.
New Mexico SGC Meets Dec 4th
The State Game Commission will meet Dec. 4 in Deming to consider spending more time developing a pronghorn antelope management plan that will be best for the wildlife and represent the interests of landowners and hunters.
New Mexico DGF Antelope Meetings
The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish will conduct meetings in communities across New Mexico this month to gather information and comments from landowners and the public about proposed changes to the Antelope Private Land Use System (A-PLUS).