New Mexico Hunting News

Only 28 Days to Hunt National Forest
New Mexico's big game hunting seasons begin Aug. 1, the opening day of bear season in many management units around the state. Hunters should remember they are not allowed to remain in one campsite for more than 14 days, nor on any National Forest for more than 28 days in any 45-day period.
Private Land Elk Hunting System Under Review
The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson today announced a review of the system for allocating elk hunting licenses among private lands statewide. This review will take place during the next six months.
30 Bighorns to be Trapped at Wheeler Peak
The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish plans to trap approximately 30 Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep from Wheeler Peak Aug. 11-16. The animals will be sent to Arizona as part of an exchange with that state for desert bighorn sheep, which are endangered in New Mexico.
Seven Lucky Hunters Draw for Elk and Oryx
Seven hunters who turned in their completed hunter harvest surveys on time drew elk and oryx license authorizations at the State Game Commission meeting June 18.
Father's Day Gift a Lucky Draw
A Father’s Day gift from his wife brought the luck of the draw to Greg Koons of Phoenix, Ariz., whose name was drawn in the Department of Game and Fish bighorn sheep raffle in Albuquerque June 23.
Canadian Ruminant Ban Affects Hunters
The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish warns New Mexico hunters who hunt in Canada that the United States Department of Agriculture has placed a ban on all ruminant products from Canada. The ban is in effect pending an investigation into bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE, in Canada.
More Wolves Scheduled For Release in Gila Wilderness
Another pack of endangered Mexican wolves is scheduled for release in the Gila Wilderness in late June, reports the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and its cooperators in wolf restoration in the Southwest.
New Mexico and Arizona Game Commissions Meet May 16th
The Mexican wolf recovery and reintroduction plan will be discussed in a joint meeting of the New Mexico and Arizona State Game Commissions at 9 a.m. May 16 in Safford, Ariz. The meeting will be held at the Manor House Convention Center, 415 East Highway 70. Although the Arizona Commission meeting will begin at 9 a.m. MST, the joint meeting with the New Mexico Commission is not expected to begin before 1 p.m. MST.
Decoy Bill Signed Into Law
Hunters and others soon may encounter artificial wildlife, or decoy, operations by Game and Fish officers during the daytime as well as at night. Gov. Bill Richardson signed Senate Bill 59 April 2, making it illegal to shoot at artificial game or birds. The governor signed several other wildlife-related bills early this month, providing new opportunities for the public and assistance for wildlife management.
Exotic Newcastle Quarantine Impacts Turkey Hunters
The U.S. Department of Agriculture/APHIS and the New Mexico Livestock Board have activated quarantine restrictions on all birds in Otero, Luna and Dona Ana counties, as well as El Paso and Hudspeth counties in Texas, due to exotic Newcastle disease. The quarantine took effect April 10, 2003, although no cases of exotic Newcastle disease have been found in New Mexico. Turkey hunters, falconers and all bird owners are expected to abide by this quarantine.