New Jersey Hunting News

New Jersey 2012 Turkey Season Opens April 23, Youth Day is April 21

The arrival of spring is eagerly anticipated by turkey hunters anxious for the beginning of New Jersey's Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Season. This year's regular season kicks off on Monday April 23 and runs for five weeks. Turkey populations are restored statewide, and hunters can enjoy some of the finest turkey hunting on the East Coast right here in the Garden State.

New Jersey's 2011 Skillful Angler Awards Winners

The Skillful Angler Awards Program honors the many anglers who catch both freshwater and marine fish which aren't of record size but are impressive and worthy of recognition. Special recognition is given to the anglers who caught the largest fish in each of the freshwater and marine species categories.

New Jersey DEP Adopts Updated Threatened and Endangered Species List, Revises Species Listings Based on Latest Science

The Department of Environmental Protection this week adopted revisions to its list of threatened and endangered species, upgrading the status of several species such as the bald eagle and the Cooper’s hawk to reflect improvements in their populations and adding new species to the list such as the red knot and American kestrel to reflect concerns about declines.

New Jersey's 2012 Deer Classic Winners

The Garden State Deer Classic is an annual event showcasing hunter entries in New Jersey’s Outstanding White-tailed Deer Program, which was initiated by the Division of Fish and Wildlife in 1964.

New Jersey Automated Game Check System (AGCS) FAQs

Q. What if I can't check in my deer by 7pm?

How to Avoid the Capture of Bobcats While Trapping Other Furbearers

Although bobcats are considered a game species, they are currently classified as "Endangered" in New Jersey and are therefore managed by the Division of Fish and Wildlife's Endangered and Nongame Species Program. There is no open hunting or trapping season for bobcat, and it is illegal to intentionally take, kill or attempt to take or kill one in the State. Bobcats legally harvested in other U.S. states or Canadian provinces may be possessed provided the pelt is affixed with a CITES tag from the state or province of harvest.

SAF, ANJRPC Will Appeal New Jersey Right-to-Carry Ruling

The Second Amendment Foundation and Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs will appeal a federal judge’s ruling Friday that “the Second Amendment does not include a general right to carry handguns outside the home.”

Federal Judge William H. Walls, a Clinton appointee, dismissed a case filed by both organizations challenging New Jersey's handgun carry laws, which have all but eliminated the right to self-defense with a firearm outside the home.

Information on Lead in the Meat of Wild Game

Recent studies have provided important, new information about lead fragments in venison and other game harvested with lead ammunition. Following are some facts from those studies.

Notice Regarding Some 2011 Deer Permits Purchased After December 14 in New Jersey

The Division of Fish and Wildlife is advising hunters who purchased 2011 Shotgun or 2011 Muzzleloader deer permits on or after December 14, 2011, to review their permits and if necessary, follow the instructions provided in the following information.

Rockport, New Jersey WMA Refuge Status Lifted for Deer and Bear Hunting

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife is informing hunters that the refuge status for the Rockport WMA will be lifted to allow deer and bear hunting beginning December 5, 2011. As always, the Game Farm proper (area around the pens and buildings) remains closed to all hunting. The pheasant refuge status for the 380-acre area posted as restricted remains and is closed to pheasant hunting. It is hoped that additional pheasants can be recovered in the coming months as breeding stock for next year's production.