New Hampshire Hunting News

Moose Hunt Permit Winners Announced
The adventure of a lifetime is in store for 525 people who have been offered permits to hunt moose in New Hampshire this October. They were the lucky winners in the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department's annual moose permit lottery drawing.
Time is Running Out to Enter Moose Lottery
Time is running out if you want to hunt moose in New Hampshire this year -- the deadline to get applications in for the 2004 moose hunt lottery is May 28. Prospective hunters will want to be sure to apply in 2004, because a new bonus point system now improves your chance of winning in future years.
Spring Turkey Hunt Begins May 3
A long-awaited opening day for many sportsmen and women will soon be here, as New Hampshire's spring wild turkey hunting season gets underway from May 3 to May 31. Hunting hours during the spring gobbler season are one-half hour before sunrise to noon.
2004 Moose Hunt Lottery
If you're planning to try for a chance to hunt moose in New Hampshire this year, it's time to start thinking about getting your application in for the 2004 moose hunt lottery. The deadline is May 28.
First Ever Youth Turkey Hunt for 2004
New Hampshire will have its first-ever youth turkey hunting weekend this year on May 1 and 2, the weekend before the spring gobbler season gets underway. As during the spring gobbler season, hunting hours are only in the morning -- one-half hour before sunrise to noon.
Public Hearing Address Proposed Wildlife Rule Changes
The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department will hold public hearings on March 31, April 1 and April 7 to discuss proposed state rule changes regarding wildlife and wildlife management.
CWD Not Detected in Deer Population
New Hampshire's deer population shows no evidence of chronic wasting disease (CWD), based on monitoring data gathered during the 2003 hunting season. A total of 388 deer heads were sampled as part of a nationwide effort to identify areas with CWD.
2004 Moose Lottery Apps Available
Prospective moose hunters can now get their applications in for the 2004 New Hampshire moose hunt lottery and take advantage of a new bonus point system that will increase their chances of success in future drawings. The new system will not affect applicants' chances in the lottery for the 2004 hunt, but it will help them in future years, according to Steven Weber, Chief of New Hampshire Fish and Game's Wildlife Division. "The new bonus point system allows hunters to get in on the ground floor this year and start building up their points," Weber said.
Fish and Game: Don't Feed the Deer
Are you tempted by the advertisements that promote the availability of so-called "deer feed" at the store? Don't be, wildlife biologists say: feeding wild white-tailed deer may harm the animals' ability to survive a New England winter.
Sting Cracks Major Wildlife Poaching Ring
A major wildlife poaching ring operating near the Maine/New Hampshire border was cracked by a sting on December 15, following a two-year covert investigation by Maine Fish and Wildlife. Ten search warrants were executed in western Maine and two in New Hampshire.