Nevada Seeking Help in Black Bear Death

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A member of the public discovered a bear shot and dumped on the east side of Peavine Peak near Kiowa Pond and reported it to Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) game wardens Tuesday.

Game wardens have initiated an investigation into the killing of the 200-pound male bear that had been shot several times.

"It's unfortunate anytime wildlife is unlawfully killed," said Game Warden Captain Cameron Waithman. "With little physical evidence at the crime scene, we will need the public's help in completing the investigation."

Illegally killing any big game animal is a felony in Nevada, punishable by significant fines, civil penalties, forfeiture of equipment used in the crime, and a potential prison sentence. Anyone with information on any poaching cases in Nevada can contact Operation Game Thief (OGT) at (800) 992-3030. Callers can receive rewards for information and callers will remain anonymous.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) protects, restores and manages fish and wildlife, and promotes fishing, hunting, and boating safety. NDOW's wildlife and habitat conservation efforts are primarily funded by sportsmen's license and conservation fees and a federal surcharge on hunting and fishing gear. Support wildlife and habitat conservation in Nevada by purchasing a hunting, fishing, or combination license. For more information, visit


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I don’t understand why anyone would shoot and dump game.

That is sad.  I don’t understand why anyone would shoot and dump game.  This would imply that the animal was moved from the scene of the crime so it spreads evidence not only into the vehicle but also to two sites.  This criminal isn’t very smart.  If it was a case where the shooter was going to claim self defense or panicked and shot a bear where self defense was questionable then you would think that they would shoot, shovel, and shut up.  To move the animal to the side of Peavine Peak near Kiowa Pond where the public is likely to find it is just plain stupid.  I don’t understand anyone not utilizing every part of game that they have taken either.  A two hundred pound bear would provide not only a freezer full of meat, but the makings of a bearskin rug at least five feet long and the trophy potential for a bleached skull, or at least bear teeth and claws for necklaces etcetera.  To just kill and dump the animal is incomprehensible to me. 

deerhunter30's picture

Some people have no respect

Some people have no respect for nature.

I hope these people get caught, but it sounds like the only way this is going to happen is if someone steps up and does the right thing.

What do people get out shooting something to death and leaving it on the side of a road. Not unless they are not telling the full story and there are certain parts of the animal that are missing. Whatever the case I hope they find and punish these idiots and they face the toughest of cosequences.

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That's too bad.  Sounds like

That's too bad.  Sounds like they ahve very little to go on and I am sure that does make it easy.  Probably getting that first lead is always the toughest.  Hopefully someone will come forward with some kind of help and atleast get them started in the investagation.  Someone out there may think they just got away with but little do they now here soon the state will be knocking down theior door.