Nevada Dunphy Complex Fire Affects Area 6 Deer Hunters

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As of Monday, October 3, the Dunphy Complex Fire had burned over 160,000 acres of habitat in Hunt Management Area 06.  With the any legal weapon deer hunt in Area 06 opening on Wednesday, October 5, hunters are being asked to avoid the areas where the fires have burned.  Currently, the Midas-Tuscarora Road and County Road 766 (north out of Carlin) are closed to recreational and hunting traffic.

dunphy complexDunphy Complex Fire is composed of three separate fires; the Chukkar Canyon Fire, the Indian Creek Fire and the Izzenhood Fire.  The Izzenhood Fire is approximately 42,000 acres and 80 percent contained and is mostly deer winter range north of Battle Mountain.  The Chukkar Canyon Fire is approximately 51,000 acres and is 30 percent contained and is northwest of Carlin in the Mary’s Mountain area.  The Indian Creek Fire is approximately 69,000 acres and is 10 percent contained and runs north along the west side of the Maggie Creek Drainage and just south of and around the town of Tuscarora.

The most popular hunting areas of Area 06, the Independence Mountains and the Bull Run Mountains are currently unaffected by the fires and hunters should have no problems hunting these mountain ranges.

As long as fire conditions don’t change, hunters should also be able to hunt the north and northeastern side of the Tuscarora Mountains, though they should travel to these areas using routes that avoid the Midas-Tuscarora Road and County Road 766.
An approaching cold front will continue to bring gusty winds to the fire area today but widespread rainfall and much cooler temperatures are expected to move in by late Tuesday or early Wednesday helping firefighting efforts.

For updated information on fire locations, acreages, and containment from the Bureau of Land Management, please visit

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  Those hunters that will be


Those hunters that will be hunting the north and northeastern side of the mountain may be in for a great hunt.  All the animals in the fire area if not killed had to move to safe areas... and that being the north and northeastern side of the area - I would presume.  It is unfortunate that the fire occured.  It devasted way too much woodland area.  This will most like affect hunting in the area for some time.  My hats off to the fire fighters that work on these fires.  They often work for long hours fighting these fires and putting themselves at greater risk. 



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It has been a pretty bad fir

It has been a pretty bad fir season out west this year. I know this is an older article but I hope the fir didn't affect the hunting too much and hunters were still able to get out there and harvest some nice deer. Now that it's November all the fire danger should be over. Fires serve a good role in deer and elk habitat. They are a pain in the rear in the short term but in a year or so they deer and other animals wil have some good forage and it should make for better hunting in the long run. We had some pretty bad fires in my home state this year but in the areas they happened the fires were a bit over due. It helped to clear thick under brush, and should help grow some new greens.