Nevada Conducts Draw, Permits Still Available

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The Nevada Department of Wildlife announced big game tag draw results Sunday, breaking a record by announcing the results within 48 hours of the drawing.

"We are pleased to be able to offer our sportsmen and women the opportunity to view their draw result as quickly as possible. The department worked closely with the commission to be able to provide this service to our hunting public. NDOW is committed to provide these opportunities whenever possible."

The Board of Wildlife Commissioners had requested the 48 hour reporting of results, saying that hunters in the state needed as early a notice as possible to plan hunts, consider applying for big game tags in other states, and for the agency to maintain transparency. A commission regulation on the issue was recently approved providing for the 48 hour release; however NDOW was already working to put programming and procedures in place following an internal review last year after tag draw results were circulated prior to official release dates.

Wildlife Commission Chairman Gerald Lent, several members of the public and county advisory board members attended the tag draw on Wednesday May 27 at Systems Consulting, Inc., the vendor based in Fallon Nevada that handles all aspects of the agency's big game tag draw. The draw results are now posted online at .

Hunters who see their names listed as successful should check that they have sufficient balances on their credit cards; also check whether there have been any changes (address changes or credit card expiration date changes can also cause problems). If you are shown as successful and need to report credit card changes, call Systems Consulting, Inc. at 1-800-576-1020 M-F, from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Over 50,000 hunters sent in 151,000 applications for 22,164 big game tags available in the draw. There are still 1,191 tags remaining after the first draw. Remaining tags are available for eligible hunters, including those who did not apply in the first draw. For more information go to

Remaining Tags:

  • Hunt 4111 Resident Elk Antlerless Longbow Archery: 3 cow elk tags
  • Hunt 1107 Resident Junior Mule Deer: 347 youth tags
  • Hunt 1181 Resident Mule Deer Antlerless Rifle: 740 tags
  • Hunt 1341 Resident & Nonresident Mule Deer Antlered Longbow Archery: 101 tags

For more information, visit