Nevada Archery Seasons Open to Extreme Fire Danger

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As hunters take to the field this weekend for the opening of antelope archery hunts, they are reminded to exercise caution due to the extremely dry conditions across the Silver State.

Nevada currently has a number of fires burning across the state, including two large fires, well over 100,000 acres each, near Elko. These fires could well prove disastrous to wildlife, and Department of Wildlife is asking hunters and other members of the public to do all they can to reduce impacts to fire-affected areas and avoid accidental fire ignitions.

There are several precautions hunters or others traveling through the backcountry can take to minimize chances of starting a fire.

  • * Avoid driving off-road through dry brush or grass as the hot vehicle exhaust can easily ignite the tinder-dry materials.
  • * Go without campfires; they easily can get out of control and are most likely illegal as fire restrictions are in effect throughout the state. Check with the local district office of the land management agency (US Forest Service, BLM) for your hunt area to be sure.
  • * Smokers should dispose of their cigarettes properly; many wildfires have started from a lit butt carelessly discarded out of the car window.

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