Nebraska Hunting News

Hunters May Apply for Fall Turkey Permits August 9
Turkey hunters may begin applying for fall hunting permits beginning August 9, according to Bob Zegar, assistant administrator of the Game and Parks Commission’s Budget and Fiscal Division’s permits division. This year’s fall archery turkey season will be Oct. 1 - Nov. 12, and the fall shotgun season will be Oct. 23 - Nov. 12.
NGPC Commissioners Set Several 2004 Hunting Seasons
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission set season dates and regulations for several 2004 hunting seasons, including mourning dove, snipe, rail, woodcock, grouse, pheasant, quail, partridge, furbearers, and fall turkey.
Commission Authorizes Unlimited Fall Turkey Hunting Permits
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission authorized the issuance of an unlimited number of fall turkey hunting permits for both the 2004 fall turkey archery and shotgun hunting seasons and set season dates at a July 8 meeting in Lincoln.
Several 2004 Hunting Seasons will be Set at July 8 Meeting
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will set several hunting and trapping seasons and consider adopting amendments to fisheries and state park regulations at an 8 a.m., July 8 meeting at Game and Parks Commission headquarters in Lincoln.
Its Not too Early to Start Lining Up Hunting Spots for Fall
Its still early in the year, but smart hunters are already making contacts and lining up their hunting spots for the 2004 fall hunting seasons. The two keys to finding hunting opportunities on private land are asking permission and cultivating a good relationship with the landowner prior to opening day.
Applications Must be Filled Out Correctly to Receive Youth Permit
Young hunters ages 12-15 years may purchase permits for Nebraska’s Youth Deer Season, Sept. 15 through Dec. 31, but they have to fill out the application form accurately to receive the proper permit. Bob Zegar, assistant administrator of the Game and Parks Commission’s Budget and Fiscal Division’s permits division, says some youths are improperly filling out the application form and are not receiving the youth hunting permit they wanted.
Spring Turkey Permits Still Available
Turkey hunters who have not yet purchased a permit may still do so for any unit. Applicants accustomed to applying for permits in the old “East Unit” should check their 2004 spring turkey hunting unit map carefully to determine if new unit boundaries will affect which permit they need.
Deer Permit Application Deadline is April 30
Nebraska resident deer hunters have until April 30 to apply for their first permit in a draw unit for the 2004 November Firearm Deer Season, November 13-21. Applicants who did not have a permit in a draw unit last year will be given preference in the drawing.
2004 Antelope Hunting Season Dates & Regulations Set
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioners set the dates for the 2004 antelope hunting seasons, and approved recommendations for a buck only season in all units except the archery season, and the elimination of Box Butte East Late and Box Butte West Late seasons this year.
Commission Sets 2004 Deer Hunting Season
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioners set dates and regulations for Nebraskas 2004 deer hunting seasons at a meeting in Lincoln.