Nebraska Receives Grant to Improve Hunting Access

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WILD Nebraska recently received a $100,000 grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund (NETF). The funding will continue the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission's work of providing quality habitat for wildlife, and wildlife for residents.

WILD Nebraska works with private landowners across the state to enhance habitat on their land. These landowners are key to Nebraska's wildlife populations because less than 3 percent of the state is publicly owned.

"Wildlife is a product of the land. The quantity and quality of habitat determines the diversity of species and sheer numbers of wildlife that live on the land," according to Steve Riley, assistant administrator for the Commission's Wildlife Division and Habitat Partners Section leader.

Habitat enhancements and management increase grassland plant diversity, which wildlife rely upon. The WILD Nebraska program provides help to landowners to properly manage grass stands. Species of wildlife that could benefit include, but are not limited to, pheasant and other grassland birds, such as bobwhite quail, greater prairie chicken, bobolinks, and dickcissels.

Funding for WILD Nebraska, along with the expertise of Commission staff, will improve grassland habitat for wildlife on 25,000 acres and provide public access to 250,000 acres of private land over the next three years.

For more information, contact the following Commission staff members: Alliance, Emily Munter, (308) 763-2940; Bassett, Bill Vodehnal, (402) 684-2921; Beatrice, Matt Steffl, (402) 228- 0269; Chadron, Shelley Stoley, (308) 432-6190; Kearney, Laurel Badura, (308) 865-5310; Lincoln, Scott Luedtke, (402) 471-0641; Norfolk, Clayton Stalling or Scott Wessel, (402) 370-3374; and North Platte, TJ Walker, (308) 535-8025.

More information also is available at