Nebraska Leftover Tags on Sale July 11

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Remaining big game hunting permits may be purchased beginning July 11 at 1 p.m. Central Daylight Time, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Residents, nonresidents and eligible landowners may purchase deer and pronghorn antelope permits, and residents and eligible landowners may purchase elk permits.

Game and Parks urges hunters to read the 2011 Big Game Guide to become familiar with permits before purchasing them and not rush to purchase permits. Last year, most deer permits did not sell out until at least September, but Frenchman Unit permits sold out in three days.

Other things to remember: Blue Southeast, Blue Northwest, Elkhorn, Missouri and Wahoo deer units have Earn-a-Buck rules this year. DeSoto and Boyer Chute national wildlife refuges are closed to access because of flooding. No deer permits will be issued for those areas.

Permit availability information may be found at Click on Buy a Permit, then Remaining Permits, to learn how many of each permit remains and on what date a permit sold out last year.

Big game permits may be purchased at or at Game and Parks permitting offices.


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I read the Nebraska report

I read the Nebraska report with interest as I have always wanted to plan a deer hunt up there for the Pine ridge area. I know this area always has leftovers and would be no problem getting a tag. I was confused at first when I looked at the available tags as I thought it was a list of everything available to buy right now. I was shocked when I saw a bighorn sheep tag on the list. After a little more thinking and research I believe it's because the draw has not been done yet and therefore the tag truly id still available. Jokes on me for that one.

So many places I want to go hunting but never enough time or money to get to them all.