Nebraska GPC Considering Low Cost Youth Permits

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The Nebraska Game and Parks Board of Commissioners will consider regulation amendments designed to attract more youth hunters by creating youth deer, turkey and antelope permits that cost $5 each.

The board will hold its regular meeting at 8 a.m. Oct. 29 at Pheasant Bonanza, 3097 County Road O, northwest of Tekamah.

The current prices for permits are, excluding agent fees: resident deer ($29), nonresident deer ($208), resident antelope ($29), nonresident antelope ($149.50), resident turkey ($23), and nonresident turkey ($90). All hunters, including youth, pay those prices. The new regulation would create youth permits for each of the above for $5. Youth permits would be for hunters age 15 and younger.

A number of other permits and fees will be considered at the meeting.

The board also will consider, among other things, changes to fishing regulations, changes to turkey hunting regulations, recommendations regarding acquisition of various tracts of land, and recommendations regarding management of various tracts of land owned by outside entities.