Mule Deer Tag Auctions for $134,000

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The Mule Deer Foundation's annual convention in Reno, Nevada, drew the highest amount of money ever raised by the auctioning of a coveted Arizona statewide special mule deer tag: $134,000.

All the proceeds from the special tag will go to the Arizona Game and Fish Department to help fund its mule deer management and habitat enhancement efforts.

"This is a tremendous boost to the many projects we have that benefit mule deer," says Brian Wakeling, the Arizona Game and Fish Department big game supervisor. "We are pleased to partner with organizations such as the Mule Deer Foundation and fortunate to have interested sportsman's groups that help us identify projects that benefit wildlife."

The tag allows a licensed hunter to take one antlered mule deer in any legal hunting unit in Arizona from Sept. 1, 2005 to Feb. 28, 2006, making this type of tag the state's premier deer hunting permit.

Arizona is legendary for its mule deer. The Kaibab and Arizona Strip regions of the state are known for producing massive bucks that continue to break world records for antler size. "The permit holder has a valuable opportunity to pursue a truly unique experience in deer hunting," says Wakeling.