Mule Deer Hunting News

Deer Collared on Avintaquin Unit
Thirty-one mule deer in the Avintaquin area of northeastern Utah are sporting new radio collars as part of a migration study being conducted by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR). "The deer in the Avintaquin area are really struggling," said Randall Thacker, UDWR biologist. "We used to have a large, healthy herd here but after the heavy winter of 1993, they just haven't rebounded. We want to know why they haven't been able to come back."
Mild Winter Helps Mule Deer Fawn Survival
Mule deer entered this year’s winter with good fat supplies and with the lack of snow and cold Fish and Game biologists anticipate high fawn survival rates for the region this year.
More CWD Found at White Sands Missile Range
Chronic Wasting Disease has been found in three more mule deer from White Sands Missile Range, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish announced Tuesday, Feb. 4.
Four More Deer CWD Cases
Four mule deer, harvested from areas where chronic wasting disease had previously not been found, recently tested positive for the disease. Three of the mule deer were harvested in the extreme southeast corner of Hunt Area 34 just northwest of Casper.
Hunting and Fishing Regulation Changes Proposed
Several changes related to deer management practices are being proposed in Texas, such as expanding the Managed Lands Deer permit system to include the issuance of permits for mule deer. Specifics of this proposal are still being determined. The agency is also looking at altering wildlife management plan components to replace 'deer census data' with 'deer population data,' which would allow consideration of such habitat indicators as browse surveys and body condition.
Mule Deer Study Underway in Lincoln County
There are 30 female mule deer in Lincoln County with a bug in their ear. Actually, it's a tiny radio transmitter and over the next year Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) game biologists will be conducting a study that tracks their every move.
Commission Sets Big Game 2003 License Structure
The Colorado Wildlife Commission on Jan. 9 approved the season structure for the 2003 big game seasons in Colorado, including more either-sex elk licenses for the first rifle season and an extra weekend for hunters in the second big-game rifle season.
2003 Deer, Fall Turkey, Elk, Antelope Permit Application Periods Set
The permit application periods for Nebraska's 2003 deer, fall turkey, elk and antelope hunting seasons were recently set by the Game and Parks Commission.
Information Sought on Poached Buck
We need your help to stop poaching in South Eastern Idaho. On December 30, 2002, a twenty-six inch, 5 x 5 trophy mule deer was poached in the Arbon Valley of Bannock County. This beautiful mule deer buck gross scored 165 3/8 points by Boon and Crockett standards.
Trophy Mule Deer Poachers Charged
In a case that has generated a great deal of public interest, two Canyon County juveniles have now been charged with poaching a trophy mule deer. The poachers used a spotlight and a .22 rifle to kill the big buck as it grazed in a field south of Nampa.