Mule Deer Hunting News

Sanpete County Deer Tests Positive for CWD
Today, The Division of Wildlife Resources identified yet another Utah deer infected with chronic wasting disease (CWD). This deer was located during a depredation effort in the Central Region, near Fountain Green in Sanpete County. Five deer were culled from agricultural fields where they were doing crop damage, but only one adult doe was determined to test positive for CWD. This is the first infected animal identified in central Utah.
Deer Season Permits Available
Nebraskas 2003 archery deer season is already underway, the muzzleloading season opens Dec. 1, and there are an unlimited number of permits for both seasons so anyone who wants to participate in either season may do so.
Archery Deer Hunting Opens Sept 15th
This years archery deer hunting season opens Sept. 15 throughout the state and archers anxious to get back into the field are ready to go. Last year 28 percent of the 13,951 archery permit holders took a deer.
Buck Season Open
The weather, coupled with a slow gradual decline in deer numbers throughout most of California, may make deer elusive this year, the Department of Fish and Game's Region 1 office said today. While biologists ponder the long-term forces working on the California deer herds, weather can still be counted on to be the biggest factor in the 2003 deer seasons.
2003 Fall Hunting Forecast
The 2003 Fall Hunting Forecast includes information on deer, elk, bear, cougar, waterfowl and upland game bird hunting.
Mandatory Check-out in Kaibab
Successful Kaibab archery deer hunters now have mandatory check out at the Jacob Lake Check Station and must have an archery deer stamp affixed to their licenses.
Archery Season Offers Unbeatable Hunting
With Colorado elk populations at near record numbers and deer herds stable or rebounding in most areas, the 2003 Colorado archery hunt promises to be as good as it gets.
DWR to CWD Test Harvested Deer
During the 2003 hunting seasons, the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) plans to sample as many harvested deer in central and eastern Utah as possible for evidence of chronic wasting disease, a disease of deer and elk which was discovered for the first time in Utah in 2002.
Mule Deer Hunting Outlook
A wet spring and lush forage in many parts of the state through spring and early summer gave mule deer a good start this year before hot, dry weather moved in drying out forage in some parts of the state. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ spring 2003 population surveys showed mule deer numbers at average to above average in most of Montana.
Send Archery Deer Apps By August 29th
South Dakota’s archery deer season opens Saturday, Sept. 27, and if archers want to have their archery deer license by that date, state Game, Fish and Parks officials say archers need to submit their application no later than Friday, Aug. 29.