Mule Deer Hunting News

Kansas: Wild Game Royal Table Fare

Have you ever heard someone say that deer meat isn’t worth eating, that it’s “gamey” or “wild tasting”? Many people who have tried improperly-cared for venison, and many who never eaten deer, labor under this misconception. But avid deer hunters realize that these folks just don’t know what they’re missing. Many believe that whitetail deer is the best red meat on the planet. But ensuring that the meat they take lives up to this standard requires care, and when care is taken, the ultimate satisfaction of the hunt comes when the meat is served to family and friends.

North Dakota Muzzleloader Season Opens Nov. 25

North Dakota’s muzzleloader deer season opens at noon Friday, Nov. 25 and continues through Dec. 11. Hunters with a lottery muzzleloader license can hunt white-tailed deer statewide.

In addition, unfilled second, third or other concurrent season any-antlerless, antlerless whitetail or antlerless mule deer licenses are still valid, but only in the unit to which the license is assigned. Hunters with these licenses must use a muzzleloader and hunt only the species printed on the license.

Deer Carcass Left to Waste in Parachute, Colorado

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are asking for help in finding the person, or persons responsible for taking only the head and antlers from a mule deer found dead on the north side of County Road 300, across from the High Mesa Road.

Get a Close Look at Mule Deer in Utah

Free viewing event on Nov. 19, 2011

Green River — November is a great month to see mule deer.

Big Time Texas Hunts Winners Announced

When an unknown number shows up on the caller ID, Weatherford Downtown Café owner Britton Schweitzer just lets it go to voicemail.

“It’s usually people trying to sell me stuff, not Texas Parks and Wildlife calling because I won an amazing hunt,” Schweitzer said.

Schweitzer and 13 other lucky sportsmen are clearing their calendars for some of the best hunting packages in the Lone Star State won through Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Big Time Texas Hunts program.

Oklahoma Online Hunter Check Station Brings New-found Convenience to Checking in Big Game

Many hunters have already experienced the convenience of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Check Station Web Portal, which allows sportsmen to check in their harvested deer, turkey and elk electronically. It is simple and fast, requiring only a computer or mobile device with Internet access.

Hunters can print a carcass tag from a printer or simply write their confirmation number on the field tag that they made when they harvested the animal.

Extra Antlerless Deer Tags for Unit 45, Idaho

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will be offering two extra antlerless deer controlled hunt opportunities during December in a portion of Unit 45 near the area of the Blair Fire. The hunts were approved 11-10-11 by the Fish and Game Commission.

The hunts have been established to reduce herd numbers prior to winter to help ease pressure on remaining habitat, minimize deer collisions on nearby roadways, and alleviate some depredations on private croplands.

Idaho Commission to Consider Extra Deer Hunts

Contrary to some reports, no extra controlled hunts have opened in the Bennett Hills - yet.

Idaho Fish and Game officials will recommend the Idaho Fish and Game Commission adopt two proposed controlled hunts to assist in reducing the mule deer population in response to wild fire damage this summer and reduce depredations on adjacent croplands and stored crops.

Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission Approves Major Land Acquisition, Amends Game-import Rules

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission approved acquisition of 7,711 acres of wildlife habitat in Kittitas County and amended rules on importation of harvested game at a meeting here today.

Wyoming GFD Responds to Declining Deer Populations in Black Hills

In response to declining numbers of mule and white-tailed deer in the Black Hills, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is reminding hunters there are fewer licenses available for the 2011 hunting season and the hunting season closes earlier this year.