Mountain Lion Take Nears Early-Season Quota in North Dakota

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A mountain lion harvested Oct. 27 near the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the seventh cat taken in zone 1. If three more are taken from zone 1 before Nov. 20, the early season quota of 10 will be reached and mountain lion hunting in zone 1 will close immediately.

Deer hunters travelling to western North Dakota are encouraged to keep track of the quota’s status in zone 1. If the final lion is taken before Nov. 20, the state Game and Fish Department will notify media outlets announcing the close of the early season in zone 1. Hunters can also check the number of lions taken in zone 1 by accessing the Game and Fish Department website at

The late season in zone 1, with a quota of four, opens Nov. 21. There is no carry-over if the early season quota is not filled.

Zone 1 includes land south of ND Highway 1804 from the Montana border to the point where ND Highway 1804 lies directly across Lake Sakakawea from ND Highway 8, crossing Lake Sakakawea then south along ND Highway 8 to ND Highway 200, then west on ND Highway 200 to U.S. Highway 85, then south on U.S. Highway 85 to the South Dakota border.

The mountain lion season in zone 2, which is the rest of the state outside zone 1, has no quota and is open through March 31, 2012.


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  Great for North Dakota to


Great for North Dakota to have such a successful Mountain Lion program.  Maybe this is the issue with the low mule deer herd this year?   Something that I would think the ND DOW has already reviewed.  Zone 1 is the primary area that is used for the deer population census and what is reflected in this article as a quick movement towards meeting the Mountain Lion quota within the same zone.  Anyhow - great to be able to fill a quota quickly for those harvesting these great animals.  However, any later planned hunt could be halted by a quota being met sooner than the scheduled hunt date.  A catch 22 situation - but a good one that allows the entire quota to be met.  Kudos to the management of this animal.