Mountain Lion Shot Near Creighton, Nebraska

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A 15-year-old deer hunter from Wayne killed a mountain lion near Creighton in northeast Nebraska on Nov. 12, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The boy, hunting a shelterbelt in Knox County, spotted the mountain lion 10 feet away before shooting and killing it. The mountain lion was a young male, which has been typical of mountain lions found in Nebraska outside of the Panhandle, according to Sam Wilson, furbearer and carnivore program manager with Game and Parks. The carcass was turned over to Game and Parks, as required by law.

It was the 52nd confirmed mountain lion sighting in Nebraska outside the Pine Ridge population since 1991.

Mountain lions are protected year-round in Nebraska but may be killed if threatening people or attacking livestock. No charges will be filed, as evidence indicated self-defense.

“Game and Parks is interested in documenting observations or game camera photographs of mountain lions,” Wilson said. “Please report any observations to your nearest Game and Parks office or call 402-471-0641.”


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I have seen exactley two

I have seen exactley two mountain lions here in Colorado all the years I have hunted here and one was with the use of dogs. To have one that close to you in Nebraska where you don't really expect it would be quite a surprise and scare for a fifteen year old kid. If it was really at ten feet I acn see why he shot it or at least bellieved he was in danger. I think the story sounds legit especially since the carcass was turned in right after the situation happened.

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  Most likely a very scary


Most likely a very scary moment for a 15 year old with a mountain lion 10 feet away.  I'm glad this ended with the boy being okay... and pretty darn good reflexes to be able to protect himself in such a quick moment.  Too bad he had to shoot the mountain lion as every one within Nebraska is needed to get a managed population healthy enough to generate a new mountain lion season for its residents.  I'll go ahead and say it here - I hope we are not reading another story about this situation later that has a different outcome as to how this mountain lion was killed.