Mountain Lion Hunting News

Mountain Lion Management Open House
The Magic Valley Region of Idaho Fish and Game will host an open house for public comments and input regarding the future of mountain lion management in the state. This open house will be on Tuesday, June 25 at the regional office, 868 East Main, Jerome, from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.
Charges Filed in Illegal Mountain Lion Case
Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officer Mark Fair recently filed charges against Marlin John Bressi III, 24, of Williamsburg Drive, Lower Paxton Township, for illegally possessing a western cougar. After immediately confiscating the animal, Fair filed the charges in District Justice Samuel J. Magaro's Office. If found guilty, Bressi faces a $300 fine. At the time the animal was confiscated, the seven-month old female weighed 40 pounds, and had not been spayed or de-clawed. The animal currently is being housed at a properly-permitted facility, pending the outcome of the case. According to purchase records obtained as part of the investigation, Bressi purchased the cougar on Nov. 1, from a facility in Virginia. However, Fair noted that Bressi failed to obtain the proper permit from the Game Commission and did not comply with secure caging requirements stipulated by the agency.
Jaguar Photographed
A young male jaguar has been photographed south of Tucson, according to Arizona Game and Fish Department officials. The photograph was taken by a surveillance camera that was monitoring potential jaguar travel corridors on the Arizona/Mexico border.
Cougars Stop Bighorn Feeding
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) stopped feeding bighorn sheep at the Sullivan Lake winter feeding station in Pend Oreille County this week because cougars persisting there pose a potential public safety problem. This is the second consecutive year that sheep feeding at the popular viewing site near Noisy Creek campground on the Sullivan Lake Ranger District of the Colville National Forest has been curtailed due to cougars.
Man Sustains Mountain Lion Injuries
A Colorado Springs man was treated and released from a local hospital after a confrontation with a mountain lion. The man told the Colorado Division of Wildlife he went outside about 9 p.m. to investigate a commotion in his back yard and saw an animal attacking his small dog. The man thought the attacking animal was a german shepherd and entered the fray to defend his dog. The attacking animal turned out to be a mountain lion
Mountain Lion Sighting
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has confirmed the sighting of a mountain lion in Brown County on December 1.
Caution in Bear and Lion Country
The recent death of an elk hunter in western Montana has made all hunters more aware of the tragic consequences of unexpected encounters with grizzly bears and other predatory animals in the wild. The Wildlife, Fish and Parks (FWP) has a number of tips and suggestions to help you avoid contact with bears, lions, and wolves. Some of the suggestions are try to make more noise while hunting, don't hunt alone, and pay attention to signs of predators, such as tracks and scat.
Mountain Lions/Bears Invade
According to DNR wildlife biologists, the reports of black bears, bobcats, wolves and even mountain lions, have increased dramatically during the past several years. Although reminiscent of the 1800s pioneer era, the sightings of such fearsome predators in Iowa is not an aberration, but merely reflects what is already occurring in bordering states.
New Cougar Hunting Rules
It's likely that hunters will take fewer cougars during Utah's 2001 - 2002 cougar season. At its meeting Aug. 16 in Salt Lake City, the Utah Wildlife Board approved slight reductions in the number of hunters who may hunt on the state's limited entry hunt areas, and the number of cougars hunters may take on the state's harvest objective areas.