Mountain Lion Hunting News

Changes in South Dakota's Mountain Lion Season
A significant change in South Dakota's mountain lion hunting season is designed to protect cubs from being orphaned.
Cat Shot in Missouri Not a Mountain Lion
Experts say the large cat that frightened a woman in rural Newton County in May was not native to Missouri or even to North America. Conservation officials say that much was obvious from the cat's color.
Oregon FWC Approve Tags for Fall Controlled Hunts
The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission approved just over 134,000 hunting tags for controlled (limited-entry) big game hunts this fall.
South Dakota GFPC Discuss Changes to Mtn. Lion Season
The S.D. Game, Fish and Parks Commission is considering major revisions to the state's mountain lion hunting season. The commission approved the season proposal at its May meeting at the State Game Lodge at Custer State Park.
Montana FWP Seeks Input on Mtn. Lion Quotas
The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is seeking comment on tentative mountain lion hunting quotas for the 2008 season.
Idaho Mtn. Lion Workshop May 5-8th
The Ninth Mountain Lion Workshop will be May 5-8 at the Sun Valley Resort hosted by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.
Nevada Big Game Draw Closes April 21st
Nevada's big game tag draw will close at 5 p.m. April 21. To apply on-line, go to
Michigan DNR Announced Cougar Track Found
March 13, 2008 The Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced that a wildlife track found in Delta County is most likely from a cougar.
Nevada Big Game Tag Apps Due Soon
To many, March means spring, green grass, wildflowers and warmer weather. But for Nevada hunters March also means big game tag application season has arrived and with it, renewed hope of drawing a coveted tag this fall.
Illinois DNR Says Cougar Rumors are False
The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is addressing recent internet rumors claiming photographic evidence of cougars in Illinois.