Mountain Lion Hunting News

Claim of Mtn. Lion Attack in Pennsylvania False
In announcing the current results of its ongoing investigation into an alleged mountain lion attack on Oct. 9, Pennsylvania Game Commission officials today announced that there is no evidence that the alleged attack on Samuel Fisher, 42, of Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, occurred.
Oregon 2009 Season Dates Approved by Commission
The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted 2009 Big Game Regulations spelling out next year's season dates, bag limits, open areas, youth hunting opportunities and other regulations for big game (deer, elk, bear, cougar, bighorn sheep, Rocky Mountain goat) and western gray squirrel).
Louisiana DWF Verifies Cougar Sightings
The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) has received photographic evidence of the second and third documented cougar occurrences in the state in recent history.
Washington Cougar Removal Apps. Due Oct. 17th
Washington hunters interested in assisting the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) with public-safety cougar removals have until Oct. 17 to apply for special permits.
Kansas DWP Waiting for Genetic Tests on Mtn. Lion
In March, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) obtained the pelt of a mountain lion that reportedly had been killed in Barber County in November of 2007.
British Columbia Hunting Synopsis for 2008-09 Season
The Hunting and Trapping Synopsis is a summary of the B.C. hunting and trapping regulations made under the Wildlife Act (British Columbia), prepared for the convenience of hunters and trappers. The Hunting and Trapping Synopsis sets out general hunting information, summarizes important hunting regulations, and defines the open seasons with maps indicating no hunting, no shooting, and other closed areas.
Wyoming to Set Seasons for Wolves & Mtn. Lions
Setting hunting seasons and quotas for mountain lions and wolves are on the agenda for the July 30-Aug. 1 Wyoming Game and Fish Commission meeting in Dubois.
Washington FWC Discuss Cougar Season
The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission took public comment on proposed changes to cougar hunting regulations at a meeting Friday (July 18) conducted via videoconference in Olympia and Spokane.
Montana Hunters Have Until July 31 for SuperTags
Hunters have until July 31 to purchase chances for elk, deer, bison, antelope and mountain lion SuperTag hunting licenses.
Two Mountain Lions are Killed by New Mexico DGF
The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and U.S.D.A. Wildlife Services captured and killed a second mountain lion resulting from the search for the lion that killed a Pinos Altos man.