Motorist Captures Idaho Elk Herd on the Run

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Josh Hoisington was heading home from a fishing trip this fall and captured video of a large herd of elk on the run.

"To see this sight was pretty incredible," Hoisington said. "Seeing this elk herd has made my first year in Idaho amazing."

Hoisington posted the video on YouTube and described what he saw:

"There was a youth hunt going on. A hunter on the west ridge pushed them down into the valley and across the road. There was also a coyote flanking the herd as well. He was running full tilt, but you can't see him in the video."

Hoisington moved to Idaho from Colorado just one year ago. His first year in Idaho has also included a successful elk hunt and lots of fishing.

The video is available on Fish and Game's YouTube Channel link at: Click on wildlife and then on elk herd.