Moose Hunting News

Moose Hunt Success Rate is High
The final numbers are in from this fall's Maine moose hunt, and with 3,000 permits issued, 2,545 hunters were successful in their quest for a moose. That converts to an 84.8% success rate for the two-week split season. This was the first time for the split season, and the first time since 1990 moose hunters could hunt in September. The first week was September 24-29 and the second week was October 8-13.
Deer Hunters Nail Moose Poachers
Two deer hunters gave up their final evening of hunting to catch some moose poachers recently. The incident began when Steven Fitzwater and K.C. Carter of Orem heard a group of hunters shoot near their camp near Currant Creek, which is east of Strawberry Reservoir in north central Utah.
Moose Population Information
Colorado's moose reintroduction effort began in 1978 and has driven the statewide population to over 1,000. Despite being introduced in just a few areas the animals have spread throughout the state. The Colorado Division of Wildlife offers a few tips to help hunters avoid killing a moose by accident.
Moose Population Survey
This April, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW) conducted an aerial survey for moose in the Moosehead Lake area. Moose densities east of Moosehead Lake were determined to be at least 1.3 moose per square mile.
2001 Moose, Elk and Bighorn Sheep Harvest Report
North Dakota's moose, elk and bighorn sheep hunters had a successful 2001 season. Harvest statistics released by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department show overall hunter success was 91 percent for moose, 46 percent for elk and 100 percent for bighorn sheep.