Moose Hunting News

Saskatchewan Moose Hunting Licenses Down 35 Percent
Saskatchewan Environment is taking precautionary measures to protect the moose population in Saskatchewan. It is reducing the number of moose that hunters will be allowed to harvest during the draw moose season and closing the early rifle moose season across most of the forest fringe and forest moose range. It's estimated the number of moose licenses sold in 2002 will be approximately 6000. That's a 35 per cent reduction from the sales in 2001.
Moose Hunt Applications
Would-be Vermont moose hunters have until July 3 to send in their permit applications. Applications are available where Vermont hunting and fishing licenses are sold and from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. They also are available on the department's web site. A person may apply once. A hunting license is not required to apply but is required in order to secure the permit.
Moose Season Application Deadline
The application deadline for the 2002 Minnesota moose hunt is Friday, June 14. Applications may be made from any of the 1,800 statewide Electronic Licensing System vendors and from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) License Center at 500 Lafayette Road in St. Paul.
Moose Season Oct. 19-22
Vermont's moose hunting season for 2002 will be held October 19-22 with 365 permits to be issued and 225 to 250 moose expected to be taken by hunters. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board voted final approval of the moose hunt on April 17. Vermont's moose population has increased and expanded its range. Wildlife biologists estimate more than 4,000 moose are now roaming the state's woodlands. Last year 229 permits were issued and hunters took 155 moose.
Moose Application Lines Open
Phone lines are open for hunters wishing to hunt moose in Nova Scotia. Hunters can call 1-900-565-3337 to apply for a license to hunt moose this fall. This is not an inquiry line. A non-refundable $6.90 (probably in Canadian dollars) application fee will be charged when the number is called. Applications will be accepted up to May 31st. A public draw will take place on July 4th at Memorial High School in Sydney Mines. More than 13,000 people applied for the moose draw last year, with 200 license being issued.
Big Game Harvest Down
Colorado's final elk, deer, moose, and pronghorn harvest numbers are in. The success rate and total harvest numbers are down, in some cases considerably, from the 2000 harvest. The one exception is moose, which saw a doubling in available licenses last year. The DOW blames unseasonably mild weather and low hunter participation due to the economic recession.
Winter Effects Big Game
Maine's IFW has written up a report on the condition of their state's white-tail, moose, and black bear. Last year a heavy winter has a high mortality rate on white-tail heads so the IFW is monitoring all heads carefully, although the jury is still out on this winter.
Moose Permit Deadline April 1
Those who want to hunt moose in the state of Maine are reminded that the deadline for Moose Permit Applications is April 1. Completed applications must be postmarked no later than midnight on April 1 or delivered to Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife headquarters at 284 State Street in Augusta by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 1.
2001 Moose Harvest Results
State and tribal hunters harvested a total of 186 moose in northeastern Minnesota during the 2001 fall season. State licensed hunters killed 125 moose. Fond du Lac Band licensed hunters killed 38 moose, and 1854 Authority licensed hunters (Grand Portage and Bois Forte Bands) killed 23 moose. Moose hunting in Minnesota is limited to residents only, by permit. Beginning with the 1991 season, moose hunting has been a once in a lifetime opportunity in Minnesota.
Increasing Moose Hunting Permits
Vermont's moose numbers continue to grow, and the number of moose hunting permits will increase again this year in order to achieve regional population goals and provide additional hunting opportunity, according to a proposal presented to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board on January 30 in Montpelier.