Moose Hunting News

Council Overwhelmingly Accepts Moose Season Changes
Those who hunt moose in Maine next year are going to see some changes. Today, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife's 10 member advisory council voted 9-1 to accept the department's proposal that decreases the number of permits issued in some parts of the state, increases the amount of huntable area, and changes what type of permits are issued to hunters.
Restructuring Moose Permit System Proposed
Under a new proposal, moose hunters could see some changes in not only the number of permits issued, but also in just what type of permit they are issued. The changes would allow the department to more closely regulate the moose harvest in coming years.
Illegal Moose Hunting Nets Fines
Two Vancouver Island men have been fined a total of $5,250 for illegally possessing moose meat and lying to conservation officers. The two men were part of a group stopped during a routine hunting season roadblock in the Prince George area. When the group was found to be in unlawful possession, they attempted to cover up by lying to conservation officers. Three other members of this group were previously convicted of wildlife offences related to this incident.
Moose Hunters Enjoy 80% Success Rate
All the Moose registration books are in and have been counted, and this year, 80 percent of all moose hunters who were issued a permit were successful. This year, 2,964 moose hunters were issued permits, and 2,375 were successful.
Moose Hunt Wrap-Up
It's official: the 15th annual New Hampshire moose hunt reduced the number of Granite State moose by exactly 350. The statewide success rate was 72%, same as in 2001.
Moose Hunt Proves Successful
Vermont's tenth moose hunting season in modern times was highly successful according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. The number of hunting permits issued for the October 19-22 season was 365, and hunters took 221 moose for a success rate of 60 percent.
Season Closed on Albino Moose
Idaho Fish and Game has been informed recently by the public and staff from the Southeast Region of an albino (white) cow moose with a dark-colored calf. Fish and Game Director Steve Huffaker signed a closure order to protect the moose.
Attempted Nova Scotia Moose Poaching
The Department of Natural Resources' Shelburne District Office responded to a report of an injured moose in Canada Hill, Shelburne Co., on Monday, Sept. 16. The moose had to be destroyed because of its injuries. After an examination it was determined that the moose had been shot by a poacher.
Moose Hunters Fined
Three British Columbia resident hunters have been fined a total of $7,500 after convictions related to illegal possession of moose and providing false information to provincial conservation officers.
Moose Tag Draw Complete
Ontario's annual moose validation tag draw is complete, and the bull and cow validation tags are in the mail to the successful hunters. More than 102,000 hunters entered the draw for more than 16,000 tags. A computerized draw randomly allocated tags to groups and individuals who applied by the June 14 deadline. A total of 15,928 tags were distributed in the draw.