Moose Hunting News

Public Hearing on Moose Hunt Point System
The point system in the New Hampshire moose hunt lottery will be the topic of a public hearing on October 15 at 7 p.m. at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department on Hazen Drive in Concord. The proposed rules are necessary to implement a law passed this year that establishes a new system starting in 2004 under which hunters who enter the moose lottery and are not selected will earn a point that entitles them to an additional chance in the next year's lottery.
Moose Season Begins Today
Moose hunters get their chance at a trophy starting on Monday, September 22. The first week of the two-week moose hunting season begins Monday in northern and eastern parts of the state. The second week of the split season begins on Monday, October 13 in the northern two-thirds of the state.
Moose Watch 2003 Under Way
The Ministry of Natural Resources is launching Moose Watch, its annual enforcement campaign to prevent moose poaching. "Responsible hunters have helped to make this program a success for the past three years," said Moose Watch enforcement co-ordinator Charlie Todesco. "Hunters are law-abiding and want to do everything they can to help prevent poaching and sustain the resource for future generations."
Moose Research Underway in North Country
If you spot a pink or yellow ear tag and a collar on that moose you're watching up north, don't worry, your eyes aren't fooling you. The animal is marked as part of the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and New Hampshire Fish and Game Moose Research Project in Coos County, a study that is providing critical management data about the rates and causes of mortality and the habitat needs of moose in this region of New Hampshire.
IFW to Review Moose Options
On August 15, 2003, Commissioner Roland D Martin was presented with a petition containing over 2,700 names. "Although the petition does not request anything specific, it is clear to me that folks in northern Maine would like the Department to reduce the moose population by increasing the number of permits," Martin said. " We cannot ignore this level of concern," he added.
Tip Leads to Thetford Moose Poaching Arrests
Vermonters care about protecting their wildlife resources and are increasingly willing to provide information on alleged poaching violations, according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. A recent moose incident in Thetford is a good example.
Moose Tag Draw Deadline Extended
The deadline for the adult moose validation tag draw has been extended to Friday, June 6, 2003 because of a recent province-wide government computer network shutdown.
McGrath Experimental Field Work Finished
Department of Fish and Game biologists wrapped up efforts to move bears out of an Experimental Micro-Management Area (EMMA) surrounding McGrath on Saturday. Efforts now will concentrate on learning how many moose calves survive and on whether any of the displaced bears return to the EMMA this summer. These efforts are being done to help restore moose harvest opportunities near McGrath.
Kelowna Hunters Fined for Wildlife Offences
Three Kelowna residents have received fines totalling $7,400 for unlawful hunting of moose in the Nevis Creek valley north of Fort St. John.
Moose Application Deadline is June 13th
The application deadline for the 2003 Minnesota moose hunt is Friday, June 13. Applications may be made from any of the 1800 statewide ELS-POS License Vendors, and from the DNR License Center at 500 Lafayette Road in St. Paul.