Moose Hunting News

2004 Moose Lottery Apps Available
Prospective moose hunters can now get their applications in for the 2004 New Hampshire moose hunt lottery and take advantage of a new bonus point system that will increase their chances of success in future drawings. The new system will not affect applicants' chances in the lottery for the 2004 hunt, but it will help them in future years, according to Steven Weber, Chief of New Hampshire Fish and Game's Wildlife Division. "The new bonus point system allows hunters to get in on the ground floor this year and start building up their points," Weber said.
Triple Moose Poaching Reward Increased
The Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife organization has increased the reward to $8,500 for the conviction of the person or persons responsible for poaching three bull moose Nov. 8 near Mountain View. SFW Vice Chairman Eric Adams says their board of directors thought this particular case warranted a larger reward due to the heinous nature of the crime.
New Moose Hunting Rules Proposed
The McGuinty government is asking for public input on proposed regulations intended to protect and manage declining moose populations in eastern Ontario.
Moose Permits Increased for 2004
At their December 4 meeting held in Augusta, the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Advisory Council approved a proposal that increased the number of moose permits to 2,895 for the 2004 season, an increase of 310 from the past season.
Information Urgently Needed on Snowy Range Moose Poaching
Two moose, shot and left in the Medicine Bow National Forest near Kennaday Peak have game wardens looking for answers.
80% Moose Hunter Success Rate
The preliminary numbers are in from this fall's moose hunt, and this year, 2,075 hunters were successful in their quest for a moose. The department issued 2,593 permits, and the preliminary success rate for hunters in 2003 is 80%.
Moose Rebuilding Program Includes Wolf Control
The Alaska Department of Fish & Game will begin efforts to rebuild moose populations by issuing permits to the public to use airplanes this winter to reduce the number of wolves in areas around McGrath and Glennallen.
Moose Hunters Had a Successful Season
Vermont moose hunters had a successful October 18–23 hunting season according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. “A preliminary tally of results shows hunters took 297 moose with 440 hunting permits issued by lottery this year,” said Vermont Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Wayne Laroche. “That’s a 68 percent success rate, up from the 61 percent we saw the year before.
IFW Proposes Increased Moose Permits
The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is proposing a rule that would increase the number of moose permits available to hunters for the 2004 hunting season. The proposal would increase the number of permits issued by 550 in Wildlife Management Districts 3, 6, and 11 in Eastern Aroostook County.
Information Sought on Moose Poaching Near Vail
The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is seeking information from the public about a bull moose poached within the past two weeks along a U.S. Forest Service Road north of Vail.