Moose Hunting News

Moose Hunters Had a Successful Season
"A preliminary tally of results shows hunters took 539 moose with 833 hunting permits issued by lottery this year," said Cedric Alexander, the wildlife biologist who chairs Vermont's moose management team. "That's a 65 percent success rate, the same success rate we used in recommending hunting permit quotas this year."
Northeastern Moose Harvest Up
The 2004 moose-hunting season in northeastern Minnesota ended on Sunday, Oct. 17, with 246 hunting parties harvesting 149 moose. That compares with 224 parties harvesting 143 moose in 2003.
Moose Management Collaboration
The Province and the Tsilhqot’in Council of Chiefs are working towards an agreement for the collaborative management of moose and other wildlife in the Chilcotin region. In addition to joint game checks, which will survey hunters and their harvested game, First Nations have expressed an interest in providing information to the Regional Hunter Advisory Committee.
Moose Make the Book
Idaho mule deer and elk are regularly noted in the record books, but moose dominated in the most recent Boone and Crockett Club big game awards. Idaho moose took the top two places in the Boone and Crockett awards for the years 2001, 2002, and 2003. The listing appeared in the Fall 2004 issue of the club's Fair Chase magazine.
Province Protects Moose Populations
"Poaching contributes to a decline in the moose population, which leads to a drop in adult moose tags and reduced hunting opportunities," said Natural Resource Minister David Ramsay. "Responsible hunters know this, and by working together we are providing government that works for Ontarians."
Preliminary Moose Harvest Figures
Preliminary figures from the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources for the 2004 moose hunt show an increase in the number of moose taken over last year. More than 53,000 hunters applied to the annual moose license draw this year. A total of 2,789 hunters were successful in drawing a moose license, and an additional 2,100 hunters were expected to purchase designate hunting licenses to accompany them.
Moose Season Begins Monday
Moose hunters get their chance at a trophy starting on Monday, September 27. The first week of the two-week moose hunting season begins Monday in northern and eastern parts of the state. The second week of the split season begins on Monday, October 11in the northern two-thirds of the state.
Grand Mesa Moose Introduction
Colorado biologists and district wildlife managers this winter will begin transporting about two dozen moose from Utah to the Grand Mesa National Forest east of Grand Junction as part of efforts to introduce more of the giant, solitary deer species to the region.
Moose Permits Are Being Processed
Vermont moose hunting permits will be sent to the hunters who won them as they are being validated, a process that is likely to proceed through all of September. Vermont's moose hunting season will be held October 16-21, and 850 hunting permits will be issued this year.
Elk & Moose License Raffle Winners Announced
Proceeds of the raffle are split between the Game Warden Museum and RMEF. Half of the proceeds are used for elk management or other wildlife conservation related projects in the state, and the remaining 50 percent is used for construction and maintenance of the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Memorial Museum and Educational Center at the International Peace Gardens in North Dakota.