Moose Hunting News

Annual Moose Licence Lottery
More Nova Scotians will get licences to hunt moose this year. Ten licences have been added for the third season in 2005, bringing the total number available for all seasons to 345.
Moose Hunting Permits Increased
The number of moose hunting permits will increase this year according to a regulation proposed by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department in order to better manage Vermont's growing moose population.
Moose On the Mesa Project
A final report released by a panel of experts to review the Creede moose capture operation and provide recommendations for future captures found that the animal deaths in Creede were regrettable and atypical, but "the individual cases were not outside the character of capture-related losses that have occurred during similar operations."
New Technology Used to Help Better Manage Moose
In an effort to better understand moose, biologists and researchers recently fitted 16 Snowy Range moose with global positioning system (GPS) collars that will compile location data for the next two years.
Moose Hunt Lottery Applications Available
If you'd like to try for a chance to hunt moose this fall, it's time to enter N.H. Fish and Game's 2005 moose hunt lottery. Applications for this year's hunt are now available online or from license agents statewide. The application fee for entering the moose hunt lottery is $10 (nonrefundable).
Moose Hunting Opportunities
The Ministry of Natural Resources manages the moose population in Ontario under a selective harvest system which ensures the population is sustainable. Moose hunting is very popular in Ontario and hunter numbers have increased from about 80,000 in the late 1970s to more than 100,000 now.
DOW Moose Transplant Update
The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) has made the first step toward establishing a moose herd on the Grand Mesa in western Colorado. Tuesday’s release was marred by the still-unexplained deaths of three animals, and biologists immediately suspended further capture efforts until wildlife veterinarians can determine what caused the deaths.
Province Protects Moose Population from Poachers
The Ontario government reports the 2004 Moose Watch program was a success with 660 charges laid and double the number of calls to the anti-poaching tip line, Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay announced today.
Moose Set to Roam Grand Mesa
After more than three years of discussion, scientific analysis, and planning, the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is in the final stage of bringing moose to western Colorado's Grand Mesa. The U.S. Forest Service oversees management of much of the land atop the Grand Mesa and is working closely with the DOW on the moose transplant.
Moose Hunt Tally for 2004
Wildlife biologists from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department report that a total of 388 moose were taken in the 2004 moose hunt. The statewide success rate of 74% was similar to last year's success rate of 75%.