Moose Tag Draw Complete

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Ontario's annual moose validation tag draw is complete, and the bull and cow validation tags are in the mail to the successful hunters.

More than 102,000 hunters entered the draw for more than 16,000 tags. A computerized draw randomly allocated tags to groups and individuals who applied by the June 14 deadline. A total of 15,928 tags were distributed in the draw.

"Tag quotas are set to ensure the moose population is managed sustainably," said Natural Resources Minister Jerry Ouellette. "The provincial guidelines allow Ontario hunters to enjoy the natural bounty of our province while safeguarding the moose hunt for future generations."

Hunters can find out if they will receive a tag by calling 1-800-288-1155 toll-free on a touch-tone phone. This draw results line will operate 24 hours a day from August 1 to December 31, 2002. Hunters need their valid 15-digit Outdoors Card number to access their draw result.

Hunters who were unsuccessful in the draw can get information on obtaining a surplus tag when they call the draw results line. This year, there were 393 surplus tags when the draw was completed. These tags are for Wildlife Management Units that received fewer applications than the number of tags available, largely because these areas are remote and access is limited.

For more information on the moose validation tag application process, consult the 2002/2003 Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary available at Ministry of Natural Resources offices' and on the ministry's Web site at