Moose Lottery will be Held in June

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On Wednesday, June 16, 2004, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will hold the annual Moose Lottery Drawing in Presque Isle at the Northeastland Hotel. The lottery is set to start at 6:00 p.m.

This year, 2,895 names will be drawn in the random chance lottery. The season dates are September 27 through October 2 in the far northern and eastern areas of the state (wildlife management districts 1,2,3,5,6,11 & 19), and October 11th through the 16th in the northern two thirds of the state (Wildlife management districts 1-14,18,19,28 & 29). 929 permits will be issued for the September season, and 1,966 permits in October.

Hunters are issued a Bulls Only or Antlerless Only permit. Last year, 2,593 hunters were issued permits, and 2,075 hunters killed a moose for an 80% success rate. The department received 78,003 applications to hunt moose in 2003.