Moose Auction Winners Are Announced

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Three nonresidents and two Vermonters had winning bids in Vermont's first auction of moose hunting permits held August 2, at the Fish & Wildlife office in Waterbury. Sixteen people submitted bids with permits going to the highest bidders.

Each of the permit winners will be able to hunt for a moose during the October 15-20 or October 22-27 hunting season. Bids do not include the cost of a hunting license ($16 for residents and $90 for nonresidents) or hunting permit fee ($100 residents, $350 nonresidents).

Auction winners and their winning bids were: Robert Ashton, Hanover, NH ($7,777); Robert Heck, Manorville, NY ($4,060); Felix Charney, South Norwalk, CT ($3,605); Richard Nelson, Newport, VT (3,565); and George Vinal, South Burlington, VT ($2,510).

The $21,517 in proceeds from the auction will help fund education programs about Vermont's fish and wildlife resources.