Montana Hunting News

Mule Deer Herds Looking Good
"Good precipitation this summer means fawns and adult females are going into winter in better shape than last fall," said Glenn Erickson, FWP Wildlife Division bureau chief. Mule deer research in Montana over the past two decades shows that fawn survival depends in large part on precipitation during late spring and early summer. Dry summers with little forage make it difficult for fawns to build the fat they need to survive winter. Older adult females also may be vulnerable if they are in poor condition going into winter.
Comments Sought on Nonresident Elk and Deer License Fees
The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is seeking public comment on the proposed annual rule that will set the prices for outfitter-sponsored nonresident elk and deer hunting licenses in 2003. Commissioners tentatively adopted the rule in September. Oct. 28 is the deadline for public comment. The proposed license fees for both the outfitter sponsored big game and the elk combination licenses would go down by $50.
Revised Antelope License Rules
The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission revised a rule last week to allow antelope hunters who were awarded a doe/fawn permit through the recent special license drawing to apply for a surplus doe/fawn license.
Mountain Lion License Deadline Approaching
Mountain lion hunters have until August 31 to purchase a license. Mountain lion licenses are available at all Fish, Wildlife & Parks offices and FWP license provider's establishments. Non-residents must apply by September 30th.
Fall Black Bear License Deadline Approaching
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds bear hunters that licenses must be purchased by August 31 for fall black bear hunting season. In addition to the Conservation License and Black Bear License, a new Hunting Access Enhancement fee will be charged at the time the hunter purchases their first license of the year.
New Disabled Bowhunter Opportunities
Opportunities for bow hunters with disabilities significantly increased with the new modified archers permit approved last year by the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission.
Final Moose, Sheep, Goat And Mountain Lion Quotas Set
The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission adopted final moose, sheep, goat and mountain lion quotas that are mainly unchanged from last year, with some isolated reductions in quotas. Hunters are reminded that when they apply for any special permit they must include their date of birth combined with the Automated Licensing System number they received when purchasing their Conservation License.
Spring Rain Eases Mule Deer Concerns
Wildlife officials with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks said today spring rains may help stabilize mule deer populations that suffered significant fawn losses over winter in parts of south central and eastern Montana. A regional analysis of mule deer herds for 2001-2002 has also been released.
Black Bear Hunting
Montana residents purchased more black bear hunting licenses this year than in 2001 leading state wildlife officials to suspect that many Montanans unexpectedly enjoyed the new mandatory bear identification training and decided to give black bear hunting a try. Nonresident sales, however, dropped about 50 percent--from 1,093 in 2001 to 549 this year--perhaps due to a nonresident-license fee increase. A nonresident black bear hunting license sells for $350, compared to $120 last year.
Moose, Sheep, and Goat Hunting Corrections
The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks announced two corrections to the 2002 Moose, Sheep and Goat Hunting Regulations today.