Montana Hunting News

New Fishing and Hunting License Year Begins March 1st
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reminds hunters and anglers that March 1 is the beginning of the new fishing and hunting license year. Current fishing and hunting licenses expire on Feb. 28, except for licenses that cover furbearer trapping and mountain lion hunting. New licenses are available at FWP offices or from FWP license providers around the state.
New Licenses And New License Year
Conservation, hunting and fishing licenses for the March 1, 2003-Feb. 29, 2004 license year are on sale at license providers and FWP headquarters and regional offices.
An Elusive Breed: Lions And Lion Hunters
Though many lion hunters in Montana covet a trophy mount or lion pelt, nearly 90 percent come home empty handed. Over 5,500 mountain lion licenses were sold in 2001, while about 500 lions were harvested. Why?
2002 Big Game Hunting Season Is History
The 2002 big game hunting season, which ended one half hour after sunset on Dec. 1, lingers on in the form of photos for the album, meat in the freezer and stories to brighten holiday parties. The most accurate indicator of the 2002 harvest, the annual harvest phone survey, will be conducted this winter. In the meantime, here is a quick summary of what Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks personnel observed in the field.
Dead Bighorn Ram Sought
Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials are seeking the return of a three-quarter-curl bighorn sheep that was killed by a car on Interstate 15 between Great Falls and Helena. In Montana it's illegal to keep any road-killed animal. In addition, it's illegal to possess a bighorn sheep head picked up in the wild no matter how it died.
Male Mountain Lion Hunting Closing In Several Districts
The hunting of male mountain lions in western Montana hunting districts 290, 291 and the western half of 292, in portions of Powell, Granite and Missoula counties, will close at one-half hour after sunset on Saturday, Dec. 7, 2002.
Big Game Bonus Point System Will Be Expanded
The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission is seeking public comment through Dec. 27 on a tentative decision to expand the big game license drawing bonus point system. The new system would include special deer and elk permits, and deer B, antelope and swan licenses. The bonus point system has been in place since 2001 for the nonresident combination license and resident and nonresident moose, sheep and goat license drawings.
Special Youth Elk Hunting Opportunities
Young hunters will have special elk hunting opportunities available to them in 78 hunting districts across Montana beginning on opening day of the rifle season, Oct. 27. An adult who is at least 21 years of age must accompany youngsters participating the special youth hunt.
Bighorn Hunting Closed in Hunting District 501-20
By order of the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission, hunting district 501-20, that portion east of Russell Creek and the East Rosebud River, south of Columbus, will be closed to hunting of bighorn sheep, effective one-half hour after sunset on Sunday, October 27, 2002.
White Tailed Deer Recovering in Eastern and Central Montana
White-tailed deer populations in eastern and central Montana, hit hard last fall with a deadly disease common to white-tailed deer, are in the process of recovering and no incidences of the insect-borne disease have emerged this year, according to FWP wildlife bureau chief Glenn Erickson. "The disease occurs where whitetail populations are denser and when frost doesn't occur until late in the fall," Erickson said.