Montana Hunting News

Antelope Season Update
This fall promises some good antelope hunting in Montana. Over the past five years, wildlife biologists have charted an antelope boom in some areas.
13 Escaped Elk Taken By FWP
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wardens killed 13 of the 22 elk that remained at large after escaping last week from an alternative livestock facility near Winifred. "We're asking hunters to notify FWP if they take one of these elk. We'll remove the identification tags and test the animal for chronic wasting disease," said Tim Feldner, FWP's commercial wildlife permitting manager.
Bowhunters, Avoid Becoming the Hunted
Bowhunters are sneaky, smelly, and camouflaged to look like a bush. While that’s what it takes to get close enough for a good shot with a bow and arrow, that same hunter is making it hard for a bear to notice him.
Two Elk Hunts Possible
For the first time, some lucky Montana hunters will be offered the opportunity to harvest two elk this hunting season. A new state law enacted in April gave the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission the authority to issue a second elk license for antlerless-elk only to some hunters who receive an elk permit through the special drawings.
Final 2003 Deer, Elk, Antelope Quotas Set
Deer quotas in the Billings and Glasgow areas, FWP Regions 5 and 6, reflected the greatest change from the 2002 season, with antlerless mule deer B licenses, and some antlerless whitetail deer B licenses, increasing by 50 to 500 depending on the hunting district.
Mule Deer Hunting Outlook
A wet spring and lush forage in many parts of the state through spring and early summer gave mule deer a good start this year before hot, dry weather moved in drying out forage in some parts of the state. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ spring 2003 population surveys showed mule deer numbers at average to above average in most of Montana.
Hunter Education Law Revised
Revisions to the wording of Montana’s hunter education law made last spring by the Montana legislature go into effect Oct. 1. The new wording states all residents and nonresidents born after Jan. 1, 1985 must take a hunter education course and present the hunter education certificate the first time they buy a Montana hunting license.
Fall Black Bear And Mountain Lion License Deadline Approaching
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds black bear and mountain lion hunters that licenses must be purchased by Aug. 31, a Sunday, for the fall season. Hunters may purchase a license at any FWP office on or before Friday, Aug. 29. Licenses will be available through Aug. 31 at FWP license providers open on weekends.
Wolf Plan on Track
Montana’s final plan to conserve and manage gray wolves when they are removed from the federal endangered species list is on track for completion in August, state wildlife officials said today.
Final Lion Seasons And Quotas Set
The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission approved the tentative lion seasons and quotas with no changes in FWP regions 2, 5, 6 and 7. The statewide fall mountain lion season without dogs will be Oct. 26-Nov. 30. The winter lion season will be Dec. 1-April 14, 2004.