Montana Hunting News

Hunting Access Work Continues To Make Headway
For the 2004 hunting season, hunters in Montana will have access to over 8.5 million acres of land statewide through the Block Management Program administered by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. The program assists landowners in managing hunting activities and provides hunters with free public hunting access to private and isolated public land.
Bighorn Sheep Hunting Details
It's tough to draw a Montana license to hunt bighorn sheep. For the fall 2004 season, about two percent of all applicants, with or without preference points, were successful in drawing one of the 391 bighorn sheep licenses, including either sex and ewe only licenses. Hunters pursuing sheep this fall applied for the license drawing last spring.
New Fair Chase Site Open to Public
The importance of hunting ethics and sportsmanship will be on display like never before thanks to a hunter education program orchestrated by the Boone and Crockett Club and sponsored by hunting products manufacturers, conservation organizations, and the outdoor media.
Fall Outlook For Mule Deer Hunting
A wet spring and lush forage in many parts of the state through spring and early summer gave mule deer a good start this year before hot, dry weather moved in drying out forage in some parts of the state. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ spring 2003 population surveys showed mule deer numbers at average to above average in most of Montana.
Deer And Elk Permit Drawings will be Conducted Early
Lucky hunters who applied for Montana"s special deer and elk permits should check their mail early next week for the coveted permits. The deer and elk drawings will be conducted about two weeks earlier than usual this year to allow hunters to better plan for their fall hunts.
Fall Turkey Application Deadline
The fall turkey special permit application deadline is August 2nd. Applicants must mail their application and a $3 nonrefundable drawing fee to the Regional FWP offices offering the turkey hunting permits. Successful applicants must purchase a fall turkey license which is $5 for residents and $115 for nonresidents.
Hunting License Deadline For Black Bear And Mountain Lion
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds black bear and mountain lion hunters that licenses must be purchased by Aug. 31, a Tuesday, for the fall season. Hunters may purchase a license at any FWP office, FWP license provider or online at the Montana FWP or Discover Montana site.
Private Land-Public Wildlife Council Seeking Comments On Proposals
The Private Land/Public Wildlife Council is seeking comment through Aug. 4 on 12 draft recommendations regarding Montana’s Block Management Hunting Access Enhancement program. The Block Management program, which provides hunters with access to nearly nine million acres of private and isolated public land is due to expire March 1, 2006, unless reauthorized by the 2005 Legislature.
FWP Commission Sets Final 2004 Moose, Sheep, and Mountain Lion Quotas
The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission adopted final 2004 moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and mountain lion quotas that are mainly unchanged from the tentative quotes recommended this spring, with the exception of some sheep quotas.
Private Land/Public Wildlife Council to Meet in Helena
The Private Land/Public Wildlife Council will meet in Helena June 15-16 to develop draft recommendations related to the Block Management Hunting Access Program. Gov. Judy Martz appointed the 15-member Council comprised of hunters, landowners, and outfitters to review the success of Montana’s current Block Management Program, which provides hunter access to private and isolated public lands.