MNR Permanently Bans Hunting of Algonquin Wolves and Coyotes

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The Ontario government is protecting the Eastern Wolf by banning the hunting, trapping and chasing of wolves and coyotes in and around Algonquin Provincial Park, Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay announced.

"Wolves are an integral part of Algonquin's biodiversity, and the focus of the park's popular education and interpretive programs," said Ramsay. "By protecting wolves today, we're making sure future generations of Ontarians will be able to hear wolves howl in Algonquin."

"We've worked on this with provincial governments of all political stripes over the past 15 years," said Monte Hummel, president of World Wildlife Fund Canada. "Now it is very rewarding to see Minister Ramsay doing the right thing."

The proposed ban received overwhelming public support when it was posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) Registry for public comment.

"As part of our commitment to protecting wolves, the Ministry of Natural Resources will also develop a provincial wolf management program that the public and interested organizations will be invited to comment on," said Ramsay.

The wolf research and monitoring program will also continue in and around Algonquin Provincial Park to look at factors that may have an impact on wolf populations, such as habitat and availability of prey.

Algonquin Provincial Park is the largest protected area for the Eastern Wolf in North America. The Ontario government has also proposed to classify the Eastern Wolf as a species at risk.