Missouri Hunting News

Urban Deer Harvest Increases Twenty-Fold
A record number of Missouri hunters took advantage of the state's second urban portion of firearms deer season Oct. 8 through 11, taking 1,955 deer and donating tons of venison to needy families. The hunt took place in 11 counties around St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and the Columbia/Jefferson City area.
Early Deer Permit Buyers Could Win a Lifetime of Hunting
This year, the agency will hold a drawing for two Lifetime Conservation Partner Permits. Only Missouri residents who receive 2004 deer hunting permits by midnight Nov. 5 will have a shot at the permits. The permits sell for as much as $800, depending on the buyer's age.
Expansion of Urban Deer Hunt
The urban portion of Missouri's firearms deer season will be twice as long this year and will include 11 counties in four areas of the state. Besides bringing more opportunities for hunters, the liberalization promises to increase meat donations to Missouri's burgeoning Share the Harvest Program.
Antler Restrictions Affect Archers as Well as Firearms Deer Hunters
Missouri archers will have more days to hunt deer than ever before this year. In all but 14 southeastern counties, they will be able to fill any number of antlerless deer tags. But like gun hunters, archers will have to count antler points before shooting at bucks in 29 counties.
Managed Deer Hunt Applications Now Open
It's time for Missouri deer hunters to apply for managed hunts, and the Missouri Department of Conservation makes the process easy. All you need is a telephone or an Internet-connected computer.
Leading the Way in Stopping Poaching
Missouri hunting, fishing and trapping permit suspensions carry a lot more weight these days thanks to the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. The compact is coalition of 18 state wildlife agencies created to help enforce restrictions placed on people who break wildlife laws.
Conservation Commission Approves Regulation Changes
At its June 3 meeting, the Missouri Conservation Commission approved more than two dozen regulation changes to go into effect March 1, 2005. The changes will affect hunting, fishing and nontraditional recreation.
Bi-state Poachers Hit with Heavy Fines
Shooting deer illegally in Iowa and bringing them to the Show Me State to be checked as legal kills may have seemed like a slick idea to three Missouri men, but the scheme cost them more than $20,000. Officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources learned of the three's activities in February through an anonymous tip on their Turn In Poachers hotline.
Conservation Commission Extends Hunting & Fishing Privileges for Military Personnel
The price of freedom shouldn't include loss of hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges. That's the message behind the Missouri Conservation Commission's recent decision to extend permits for military personnel who have been called to duty outside the Show-Me State.
Second Round of Tests Finds No CWD
For the second year in a row, laboratory tests found no Missouri deer with chronic wasting disease (CWD). The Missouri Department of Conservation says it plans to continue testing deer taken in this year's hunting season and in the future.