Missouri Hunting News

Hog Control a Growing Challenge for Public Land Managers
The phrase "hog wild" has taken on new meaning for managers of public land in Missouri over the past decade. In that time, feral hogs have gone from a rare novelty to an epidemic. Hunters provide a bright spot in the picture, but even their help is a mixed blessing.
Bobwhite Buffers Now Qualify for Federal Subsidy
What once was a good idea for wildlife now is a good idea for landowners, too. The U. S. Department of Agriculture has cash for those who make their farms more hospitable to quail and other wildlife. By placing belts of native plants between shrubby cover and crop fields, CP33 creates ideal habitat for birds, rabbits and a variety of other wildlife.
Conservation Commission Expands Fall Turkey Season
The Missouri Conservation Commission has approved 2005 spring turkey hunting regulations identical to this year's, but it more than doubled the length of the fall turkey hunting season and liberalized fall bag limit regulations slightly.
Record 2004 Firearms Deer Harvest Reported
Hunters checked 24,217 deer in the nine-day Antlerless Portion of Firearms Deer Season, pushing the total 2004 firearms deer harvest to a record.
New Muzzleloader Deer Harvest Record
Missouri's muzzleloader deer hunters kept up the pace set by those carrying modern firearms, shooting a record 11,938 deer during the muzzleloader deer season Nov. 26 through Dec. 5.
November Firearms Deer Harvest Tops 220,000
Hunters shot a record 222,329 deer during the November Segment of Missouri's 2004 Firearms Deer Season Nov. 13 through 23. The new record topped the previous high mark by 4,894. Favorable weather both weekends during the November hunt probably was a key factor in the record-setting deer harvest.
Opening Weekend Deer Harvest a Record
Hunters checked an unprecedented 133,136 deer during the first two days of the November Segment of Firearms deer season Nov. 13 and 14. That is up 22,141 from last year and 5,885 more than the previous record set in 2002.
Young Hunters Set Deer Harvest Record
Hunters checked 13,466 deer during Missouri's fourth youth-only firearms deer hunt Nov. 6 and 7. The figure is a new record for the Youth Portion of Firearms Deer Season and a nearly 50 percent increase from last year.
Regulation Changes Could Affect Deer Harvest
Missouri's deer herd is in good shape, and new deer regulations are designed to keep it that way, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. Those new regulations, however, could affect the number of deer taken by hunters this year.
Fall Turkey Harvest Up From Last Year
Firearms turkey hunters had a good fall season this year, bagging 11,743 birds without a hunting mishap. The total bag for the season Oct. 11 through 24 was 451 more than last year. However, it was 2,744 short of the record set in 2002.