Missouri Deer Season Changes

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Hunters planning vacations around Missouri's firearms deer season should look carefully at 2009 deer hunting seasons approved by the Conservation Commission last year.

The structure of Missouri's firearms deer season has remained relatively stable for several years, starting with an early urban portion, then a youth hunt, followed by the traditional November portion, a portion for hunters using muzzle-loading rifles and then a late antlerless-only portion. During the 2008-2009 season young hunters got the last word with a two-day youth hunt in January. This year the order of the portions is different, and the overall season is four days longer.

The season kicks off with the Urban Portion Oct. 9 through 12. This is the same length and general time period as in the past. However, the boundaries of all four Urban Deer Zones have changed this year.

The Kansas City Zone now includes all of Clay, Jackson and Platte counties, as last year, but only that portion of northern Cass County north of Route 2.

The Springfield Zone now includes all of Greene County, plus that portion of Christian County north and west of a boundary formed by Route 14 and Highway 125.

The St. Louis Zone includes all of St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, as last year, plus that portion of Franklin County north and east of a boundary formed by Highway 50, Interstate 44, Route O and Route NN and that portion of Jefferson County north of a boundary formed by Route NN, Highway 30, Route MM, Route M, Highway 61 and Glaize Creek.

The Columbia-Jefferson City Zone includes only the portion of Boone County south of a boundary formed by Highway 124, Route OO, Doris Boulevard and Route DD and that portion of Cole County north and east of a boundary formed by Highway 50, Route D, Highway 54, Route E, Route B, Route M and Highway 50.

Next on the calendar is the early portion of the Youth Portion Oct. 31 and Nov. 1. Again, this is the same length and general timing as last year.

The November Portion of Firearms Deer Season will run from Nov. 14 through 24, the same length and timing as last year.

The traditional order of the Muzzleloader and Antlerless portions will be reversed this year, with the Antlerless Portion running from Nov. 25 through Dec. 6 (three days longer than last year) and the Muzzleloader Portion running from Dec. 19 through 29 (one day longer than last year).

A two-day late portion of the Youth Portion closes the season again on Jan. 2 and 3.

This year's firearms deer season will run for a total of 42 days, four days longer than last year.

Full details of fall deer hunting regulations will be available in July in the 2009 Fall Deer and Turkey Hunting Regulation and Information booklet, at permit vendors statewide, and at www.mdc.mo.gov/hunt.