Missouri Deer Hunters Reminded of Changed Permit Format, Tagging Procedures

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With the November firearms deer season on the horizon, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds hunters of changes to deer and turkey permits and tagging procedures that went into effect in this year.

The November firearms deer hunt starts Nov. 12. The 11-day season typically accounts for approximately 80 percent of the firearms deer harvest each year.

This year is the first time that Missouri hunters can buy deer and other hunting permits online, print them and use them immediately. Hunters can use this new e-Permits system to buy permits online or purchase them in person at MDC regional offices, nature centers and other offices statewide. Hunters also still can buy permits from hundreds of vendors statewide.

Vendors still are printing permits on the familiar yellow plastic material that has been used in the past. However, the format has changed and no longer includes a separate self-adhesive tag. Within a couple of years, all permits will be issued on plain paper.

The new format does not include separate tags for deer or turkeys as in the past. Under this new e-Permits format, deer and turkey permits are permit-and-tag in one.

With these changes come some changes in deer and turkey tagging and checking procedures. These are explained in the 2011 Fall Deer and Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information booklet, which is available wherever permits are sold or at www.mdc.mo.gov/node/3656. MDC also has a Web page (www.mdc.mo.gov/node/3891) explaining the procedure. It even has a short video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHFp_9UiKjg that illustrates the reminder phrase, “Bag it, notch it, tag it, check it.”

“E-Permits offer some significant advantages in terms of convenience,” said MDC Permit Services Supervisor Greg Jones. “We know that changes can be confusing. We want to be sure hunters have easy access to permits and information about the new procedures in whatever form they like best – in person, in print, online text or video. If folks still have questions, they can call or visit any of our offices for help.”

MDC is providing free permit protectors through its conservation agents and regional offices.


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  More states are moving


More states are moving toward this e-permit process as the special paper they are using to print water or weather proof licenses is expensive.  So as a cost saving measure states are going with the print-your-own-license process.  This does put an added responsibility on the hunter to not only print their license or permit but to keep it safe from the elements.

I do like the multiple licensing scenarios - like the deer and turkey permits combined... but I think the way this state has them set up is the license is the permit - one piece of paper rather than the license and the permit being two separate pieces of paper.  Several states out east have done this already with combining to animal tags as one purchase.  Not a bad way of knocking out two tags at once.  Most of these states do not have a draw system but rather just a pay as you go type permit.

It is also great that Missouri is going out of their way to communicate these changes in order to have less chaos for the hunters involved.



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Sounds like a whole new way

Sounds like a whole new way of getting and using your tags, I like how they combines the tags for deer and turkey. This is a great article and reminder to Missouri hunter to learn up on the new changes to avoid getting into a bit of trouble. I didn't see if there was a grace period this year giving it's a new year and new system. Usually officals will be a bit more leanent and only issue warning to the folks who didn't do it right the first time. Good luck to all the hunters and I hope you can bag the deer of your dreams. Hopefully you all can figure out the new system fast.